3 Unique New York City Art Exhibitions To Experience This October

Summer travel may have come to an end but if you’re in New York City there are three outstanding exhibitions that will transport you to another world this October. Each of these experiences is massive in scale and mind-bending in nature — one of them even involves a workout amidst the art. Whether you live in New York City or are visiting this fall, you’ll want to visit these.

1. Hall de Lumieres X Equinox ‘Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion’

Yoga is famous for its mentally and physically transcendent nature, and this October you can really up the ante by doing your warrior pose surrounded by the magnificent art works of Gustav Klimt. Hall de Lumieres, New York’s new permanent center for custom-designed immersive art experiences, is partnering with Equinox to host this weekly yoga experience located at 49 Chambers Street. You’ll do flowing sequences and breathwork while around you you’ll see moving images including Klimt’s most famous painting “The Kiss.” Start your morning absorbing magnificent art, colors and sound displayed on 30-foot-high displays listening to an original soundtrack and an Equinox instructor guiding you through class. If you’re not an Equinox member, fear not, the classes alternate between Equinox All Access Members classes one week and public classes the following. Classes run now until October 27, 2022 at 8 am every Thursday.

2. David LaChapelle ‘Make Believe’ at Fotografiska

No one captures pop culture like David LaChapelle, that’s why his new exhibition ‘Make Believe’ at Fotografiska is a must for photography and art enthusiasts. Spanning every floor of the museum, the exhibition is a retrospective of his 40-year career and is his first major solo show in North America. LaChapelle is famous for his celebrity portraits which he often marries with religious iconography — there’s Michael Jackson depicted as Archangel Michael or Kim Kardashian embodying Mary-Magdalene, for example. LaChapelle also likes to explore gender identity, body image and the environment in his works. Throughout 150 works you’ll also see how LaChapelle blends fantasy and reality, and delve into colorful landscapes that will bend your perception of reality. The exhibition opened with a roaring party during fashion week and was attended by many of his muses, such as Amanda Lepore and Daphne Guinness. Don’t miss ‘Make Believe’ where you can see LaChapelle’s body of work and some new pieces, on display now until January 8, 2023.

3. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer “Common Measures” at Pace Gallery

‘Common Measures’ is Rafael Lozano-Hemmer first solo show with Pace Gallery and an exhibition which shows the artist’s fascination with technology, data and the digital world. This exhibition isn’t just immersive, one of the art works, ‘Pulse Topology’, allows you to became part of the art work using your heartbeat. You’ll place your hand on a monitor where the device captures the sound of your heartbeat and then transmit through a series of flashing lights. Our heartbeat powers our lives but yet we rarely get to witness the strength it holds, making this a uniquely captivating experience. While this piece is the most interactive, the other two large pieces “Call on Water” and “Hormonium” are equally intriguing. “Call on Water” shows the words of Mexican writer Octavio Paz as they disappear into water vapor in the air. “Hormonium” is powered by custom-generative code running on circadian, ultradian, and infradian rhythms. The piece shows ocean waves crashing and releasing words that are supposed to mimic how hormones operate in the human body. ‘Common Measures’ is on view until October 22, 2023.

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