5 Things To Do In Las Vegas If You Love Cars Or Anything With An Engine

There’s no question that there’s plenty to do in Las Vegas. While it may have a reputation for partying and gambling, there’s also incredible shopping, world-class restaurants, jaw-dropping shows, and, if you’re a motor enthusiast, plenty of adventures to be had in vehicles. Whether it’s taking a supercar on a racetrack, off-roading in the desert, or even taking a helicopter ride, Sin City has it all. For your next trip to this sleepless city, venture off the Strip and hop into an adrenaline-pumping ride. Here, your guide on what to do in Las Vegas if you like to push the pedal to the metal.

1. Take A Supercar Out On The Track

About 15 minutes from the Strip, Exotics Racing has more than 40 souped-up vehicles to choose from. Whether it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche, they’ve got you covered. Take the ride of your choice on a 1.3-mile track with eight turns and race against the clock against fellow drivers. Packages start with five laps, but you can certainly purchase more, but make sure to also opt in for a ride-along in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat where a professional will take you on a stomach-dropping drifting experience.

2. Cruise Through Valley Of Fire In A Polaris Slingshot

The Valley of Fire in Overton, Nevada, is arguably one of the most striking state parks near Las Vegas. About an hour drive from the Strip, you’ll be shocked by its Mars-like landscape with bright red sandstone as far as the eye can see. While you can certainly take a rental through the geographical wonderland, there’s nothing quite like having unobstructed views like you would in a Polaris Slingshot. Plus, the three-wheeled vehicle is ridiculously fun to drive. Find an outfitter through Polaris Adventures or check with your hotel concierge for a nearby rental company.

3. Take A Helicopter To The Grand Canyon

While this may not be a car, it does have an engine, and being in a chopper is always a thrilling experience. Maverick Helicopters is located right next to the airport and offers several packages. But if you want to venture out of Sin City for a bit, opt for the Wind Dancer tour and head out to the Grand Canyon. It takes about 35 minutes to reach the national park and you’ll pass the Hoover Dam, Lake Meade, and Lake Las Vegas along the way. Once you reach the Grand Canyon you’ll descend on an otherwise unreachable cliff and stop for bubbly and snacks. The trip ends with a swing past downtown Las Vegas and the Strip, a wondrous sight from above. And if you’re short on time, Maverick also has Strip tours in the evening so that you can admire at the lit-up thoroughfare from above.

4. Go Off-Roading In A Race Truck

If you’ve dreamt of experiencing the thrill that comes from a car leaping several feet into the air, now is your chance. Speedvegas offers drivers the opportunity to take a custom Ford race truck or Polaris RZR RS1 for an off-roading experience in the desert. Their one-mile track has three high jumps that can launch you up to 10 feet, eight turns, and high-banked corners. Packages start with five laps, but you can buy up to 20 if you’re really looking for an adrenaline-filled day.

5. Visit Red Rock Canyon In A Pink Jeep

If you’re on a trip with the entire family, Pink Adventure Tours is a more suitable option for kids. They offer a few different experiences including rides out to Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire in a Chrysler trekker, but for something that’ll get your blood pumping, opt for an adventure to Red Rock Canyon in a custom Jeep Wrangler. In addition to some off-roading, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about this national conservation area, the native wildlife, desert fauna, and its history as a sandstone quarry.

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