5 Things To Know About FARM Rio’s Pop-Up Store At Liberty

Calling those who love happy, vibrant prints, you’re in for some good news: FARM Rio has launched its tropical pop-up in the iconic London store, Liberty London.

Founded in 1997 at a marketplace in Rio de Janeiro by Kátia Barros and Marcello Bastos, the fashion brand is known and loved for its prints that are thoroughly inspired by nature.

Making its U.K. debut, nestled within Liberty, there’s a little corner of Brazil. Here you’ll find luscious, colorful clothes that exude happiness, and these pieces sit alongside specially curated objet d’art that pays homage to Brazil’s spirit and nature.

Founder and Creative Director Kátia Barros tells us more about the FARM Rio pop-up within Liberty.

FARM Rio as a house of prints: We want to print the world, and it’s London’s time! We want our customers to feel embraced by the spirit of Brazil when wearing FARM Rio, and they will be able to see and understand it by visiting the store. Since the start, our biggest inspirations have been the culture, nature and colors of Rio de Janeiro, and these still hold true today. Our prints and designs are based on Brazilian elements but with a twist, using textures and colors found in nature or drawing on signature motifs, like our iconic toucans, bananas and cashews. Prints are the base of our brand DNA. It’s Brazilian nature and inspirations are conveyed in so many ways by one of the biggest creative teams in the world – we have more than 50 artists dedicated fully to print creation.

Inspired by nature: We are part of the United Nations Global Compact and have established a sustainability agenda that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of our most important partnerships is with One Tree Planted, an organization whose mission is to make it simple for people to give back to the environment. For every purchase made on our website, stores and other authorized retailers, we plant one tree in the Amazon – the largest rainforest in the world – the Atlantic Forest and different Brazilian biomes. More than 500.000 trees have been planted so far, and our goal is to make it easy for our customers to join us in our mission of recovering endangered forest ecosystems and protecting freshwater supply.

We have been using fashion as a platform to create a caring relationship with nature and inspire positive transformations, and it goes in so many ways. At Liberty’s, all the furniture and objects of our pop-up store were filtered by a vintage curatorship because we believe reusing craftsmanship is a way to keep our culture alive and be more responsible to our nature and community. Nature has always been our home, and we’re passionate about taking impactful steps to ensure it will keep inspiring new generations with all its beauty and diversity.

Dress in happiness as a way of life: FARM Rio truly embodies the unique essence of Brazilian fashion — it’s playful and energetic, bringing together all aspects of our traditional culture and community. Liberty’s customers will see that we’re not afraid of bright colors and bold prints; instead, they’re part of our identity. My vision for FARM Rio is to create not only a brand but a way of life where the product is just the starting point. FARM Rio has become a mindset for Cariocas, a cultural movement encouraging them to embrace joy and a carefree attitude in all areas of their lives.

Craft and artisanal pieces that tell a story: Beyond the prints, our appreciation for craft and artisanal work is tremendous. Clients at Liberty can see and select pieces with different types of sewing and embroidery, and even 100% crochet colorful pieces. One that I’m thrilled to highlight is our Yawanawa collection. Since 2017, we’ve had a beautiful partnership with the Yawanawa people of the Gregório river in the Amazon – an important indigenous nation led by women. Built on healing, care and respect, the partnership has supported them and enabled the preservation of their cultural history through the structuring of the handicraft chain, reforestation projects, digital inclusion and cultural festivals.

We work with them to create unique handmade jewelry and apparel collections that transform the intricate beadwork of the jewelry into prints. These collections have created income streams that support women and preserve indigenous communities and culture, empowering over 160 female artisans, planting 2,000 trees in deforested areas, and helping the nation’s resilience during the pandemic with local investments.

A corner of Brazil at Liberty: Expanding our business to London through a partnership with a cultural institution and worldwide reference in fashion history as Liberty truly means another step to our mission to print the world and show more of Brazil. From fashion design to vintage object curatorship, fun installations, wallpapers, history and art books and collaboration with Brazilian artists, our store was designed to create a sensory experience that transports clients into our perception of home. And it is a pleasure to welcome you here.

The pop-up is now open and will run until 8 August at Liberty London.

Address: Liberty London, Regent St., Carnaby, London, W1B 5AH

See more on farmrio.com.

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