5 Things To Know About The Chufy X Rossy Collection

Fashion insider Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Spanish actress and model Rossy de Palma have joined forces to produce a thoroughly vibrant ready-t0-wear collection that calls for summer soirees.

Think mini and maxi dresses, tunics, shirts and coordinating pants crafted from patterned silk voile that are influenced by the style and eccentricity of Rossy herself. Wallflowers need not apply.

Sofia Sanchez de Betak lets us in on the collection.

Inspiration: My inspiration was the quintessential Almodóvar Icon: Rossy de Palma. I have always admired her career, creativity, and grace. The collection was also heavily influenced by Rossy’s eccentric style. She adds a unique touch to each look by adorning her outfits with various silk scarves and accessories usually worn over her head. We paid homage to this by adding the gift of a headband in exclusive prints to each garment purchased.

The collection consists of 52 styles, with prints inspired by the dramatism of the Chinese opera and its performances. The result of this collection was the merging of our ideas, bringing together a lot of passion, humor and vitality.

Color palette: The collection is a fusion of bold colors and hand-painted patterns, including flowers, dragons and lips. From vibrant reds to royal blues and emerald greens, these colors are signature tones of Rossy’s aesthetic and emanate her personality.

How the collaboration came about: We have been friends for years, and we both recognize that deep down, this collaboration was an excuse to spend more time together. Once a year, the brand develops a special collection in collaboration with an artist we admire. This year we achieved this collaboration with the wonderful Rossy.

Where it’s sold: The Chufy x Rossy Collection is sold on our website and in retailers worldwide, including Jaune Istanbul, Podiums, The Webster, Style Junky, Addict, and Lulli Cassis, among others.

Favorite piece: My favorite piece is the Tai Robe in Long Green. I love this tunic because it’s versatile and can be worn in both casual and formal styles. One of the features I like the most is the wide straight sleeves made from crepe de chine. It also reminds me of the robe my grandmother used to own when I was a child.

Materials and production process: The silhouettes are loose and flowing with materials including crepe de chine, silk, organic cotton poplin, cotton silk voile and cupro voile. Maxi dresses are paired with cotton belts, and select styles include matching silk scarves to be worn on the head or around the neck, which enhances the drama of the look. Lightly padded outerwear made from 100% organic cotton includes a wrap silhouette with a tie belt to customize the shape.

Our strongest design feature is the development of prints. The bright fabrics we use in this collection – such as crepe de chine or silk- highlight the texture of each hand-painted drawing.

The inspiration for the prints came from different elements of the Chinese opera, which will represent the aesthetics of Rossy. We tried to capture the method of transformation that comes from ‘the art of the act’ by using the butterfly symbol in our fabrications.

See the collection on chufy.com.

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