6 Travel Products And Apps That Will Make Your Trips Easier

Travel is becoming quicker and more convenient every day; we can book trips and buy travel necessities easily from our phone within seconds and there are constantly new offerings released to make things even easier. This year several products have launched that will delight travelers, here are six you need to know about:


Many travelers have become savvy at the credit card, airline and hotel rewards game, utilizing their points for free flights, upgrades and hotel stays. However only around 30 percent of loyalty program members actually use their accrued points, mostly because they aren’t aware of how valuable their points can be if they were to transfer them to other loyalty programs. For example, transferring Chase rewards points to an airline partner like Aeromexico instead of their US codeshare partner Delta, can sometimes yield a better deal using fewer points. That’s where POINT.ME comes in; this new platform enables you to get the most out of your points through a search engine that scours all rewards programs for you. Your next free flight or upgrade may be closer than you think if you cast a wider net through this easy-to-use subscription based search engine.

2. Grover

Travel is the time when we want to capture our best content and Grover, a new tech rental platform, can help you up your game. Now you don’t need to buy a GoPro or drone to shoot your vacation destination, you can simply rent one for the time needed at a much more affordable price point. As soon as you return from your trip you can easily return your device which captured the most incredible footage while you were away.

3. Royce & Rocket

If you’ve ever had to find something quickly in a suitcase you know how difficult that can be without creating complete chaos. Enter Royce & Rocket, a new suitcase company which uses castle shelves to help you organize your clothing within your carry-on or stowaway. Founders Rana and Camryn Leibowitz wanted to create a system that allows you to see and store your clothes better while you travel, and came up with this chic multifunctional solution.

4. Lingopie

Language can be one of the biggest barriers for people when it comes to travel but Lingopie can help with that. This new Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) platform can help you immerse yourself in the language of your travel destination through TV shows. You’ll watch great entertainment and simultaneously learn new vocabulary with great shows from around the world. Currently Lingopie offers programming in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, English, and Russian, with plans to add more languages soon.

5. Elude

Most trip searches start with finding the best price for a specific location but budget-first search engine Elude does the opposite. You enter your nearest airport and dates to find the best destinations to suit your criteria. You can book both flights and accommodations through this platform and there are even options to leverage credit card miles directly on the app to make things more budget-friendly. Elude is backed by travel veterans who previously worked at companies such as Airmap, TripAdvisor and Priceline so there’s a wealth of travel knowledge backing the app.

6. Playsee

Sometimes you want to get a sense of what a place looks like exactly before you get there and old photos won’t do the job. That’s where Playsee comes in, it’s a map-based video sharing app which allows people to visit a place virtually first. Their newest feature, Ask Nearby, allows users to ask questions to locals before visiting to get the scoop on a destination from the people who know is best. The app can also help you discover fun seasonal activities such as leaf peeping without having to go to the most popular and often overrun spots. You might discover a fall foliage hot spot much closer to you with fewer visitors by using this platform.

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