8 Skincare & Wellness Products To Elevate Your Shower Routine

Ah, the shower. An important ritual for both physical and mental health, giving us a daily moment to get clean, take relaxing deep breaths, and either prepare for the day or unwind at night. Showers can be incredibly relaxing, but they are also a vital part of our skincare routine. Using the wrong products could leave one’s skin feeling dry and flaky, so it is important to find the right scrubs, body washes, and oils that will leave your skin feeling refreshed afterwards. Below are a few products I recommend:

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Set a relaxing tone for your shower with an aromatherapy shower steamer. Simply place one of these scented tablets on the floor of your shower and allow calming essential oils and natural fragrances to unleash. With plenty of refreshing scents to choose from, you can transform your daily shower into an at-home spa experience.

Kora Organics Renewing Hand & Body Wash

This cleansing body wash from Kora Organics (founded by Miranda Kerr) features aloe, cauliflower mushroom, and a tropical fruit called murumuru. These nourishing ingredients work to cleanse the skin without over-drying it or stripping it of essential oils, leaving you with moisturized skin after your shower.

Dr. Jacobs Charcoal Pure Castile Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested Body Wash

Another great option for sensitive skin, or those who may break out easily with scented soaps, is the charcoal body wash from Dr. Jacobs. It is especially formulated for those with sensitive and dry skin, including people with eczema, using natural ingredients like activated charcoal, olive oil, and coconut oil to nourish the skin.

Bali Body Body Scrub

A recent addition to the body scrub world, Bali Body’s scrub uses a blend of pink French clay and plant-based oils in order to provide a scrub that gently exfoliates the skin while restoring moisture. It’s the perfect scrub to use before a self-tanning session to ensure your skin is soft and even, too.

MARLOWE. Men’s Body Scrub Soap

For the men, this body scrub soap from MARLOWE. is specially formulated to treat men’s skincare concerns. This soap features pumice and ground apricot seed to exfoliate and smooth skin. I cannot stay away from a Santal scent, but this soap comes in a variety of scents depending on your perfume preferences.

Refreshments Pillowy Shave Cream

A good shaving cream can make all the difference when one is shaving legs, and this one from Refreshments is one I would recommend that is also quite affordable. This cream features shea butter, lemon fruit extract, and olive oil to deliver a moisturizing feel that minimizes skin irritation and leaves skin smooth and soft.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush

Technically you should do this outside of the shower, but I love to use a dry body brush before showering to really get my circulation going. Dry brushing is helpful in preventing cellulite as well as improving blood flow.

NTRL By Sabs Nourishing Rose Oil

Keep your scalp nourished and flake-free with the regular use of a rose oil like this one from NTRL By Sabs. Use one to two drops on damp hair (it also works great for beards as well as overall skin) and massage into your scalp for instant moisturizing. Over time, you’ll be on your way to improved hair growth and scalp health.

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