A Weekend Of Fashion, Music, Wine, And Culture At The Raimat Arts Festival

This weekend from Lleida, Spain the Raimat Lleida Community Foundation hosted the inaugural edition of the Raimat Arts Festival, done in conjunction with the Festival Napa Valley, and La Roca Village. The weekend has been filled with fashion, art, culture, gastronomy, and wine. The festival was done with the goal of having social impact projects that improve that region in Spain.

Under the guise and leadership of Elena de Carandini Raventós, who worked to make the festival happen, for the purpose of strengthening Raimat and Lleida, together with companies, organizations and individuals. The Raimat Castle has been a central figure for the festival, which represents the public- private collaborations it does within the Lleida community. The 12th century fortress is an asset of Spain’s National Cultural Interest, as well as the Raimat Winery.

“The purpose of the festival is to show our jewels- our gastronomy, music, and the land to people in Spain, in Napa Valley, and the world,” says de Carandini Raventós, the founder of the Raimat Arts Festival. “Even in Barcelona, they still don’t know what we have here in Raimat. The festival shows the opportunities that we have here in this community. We have four pillars here: the festival; social action, to help people with disabilities; cultural; and innovation that helps people in areas like entrepreneurship,” she continues.

Last night, a chamber concert took place on the grounds of the winery, of seven artists who played pieces by Lleidian, Catalonian, and Spanish composers like Isaac Albéniz, Enrique Granados, and Manuel de Falla. Violinist Francisco Fullana and cellist Sophia Bacelar, guitarist Pablo Sáinz Villegas, and lyric soprano Serena Sáenz are some of the artists that performed, garnering a standing ovation from the audience.

The United Way Foundation, the Spanish Association of Foundations, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation are also arms, which made the festival happen.

“We are so happy to share the experience and the wealth of what we’ve learned in Napa after sixteen years, something that has brought so much to the community and to the area in a cultural, artistic, and educational standpoint. These festivals are a great way to bring everyone together, as well as bring attention to the area. When we connected with the people in Raimat a year ago, they got really excited about doing the same thing, so we planned and painted a picture of what this could look like. This is very much modeled after what we do in Napa because after sixteen years we know what works and what doesn’t work. We mapped out every detail of what would happen each day, and I’m so thrilled how this turned out,” says Charles Letourneau, Cofounder of the Festival Napa Valley and Artistic Director.

“California was founded by the Spaniards and it is an honor for us to come back here,” shares Robin Baggett, the Chairman of the Napa Valley Festival board, and the owner of Alpha and Omega Winery in Napa

La Roca Village

Located about 40 minutes via car from the heart of Barcelona, an hour and fifteen minutes by car to Southern France, and on the road that leads to Spain’s famed Costa Brava, is La Roca Village. It’s a culturally rich region located near castles, country estates, and the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Apart of the Bicester Collection, the village is filled with 150 luxury brands, fourteen of which are Spanish and that offers 60% off of what the retail price would be at a high street showroom.

As you enter, one of the first things you notice is the Gaudí inspired art and architecture, as well as the colorful Catalan tiles, fountains, and mosaics. Now the Village has a new art instillation by Mina Hamada, refurbished boutiques like Burberry, and the new Italian restaurant with Asian influence, Coro Illuzione Restaurant with New York vibes.

La Roca Village partnered with the Raimat Arts Festival, providing VIP services and fashion. The Bicester Collection and La Roca is known for its cultural initiatives, not just as a renowned shopping destination. “Partnering with both festivals, Raimat Arts Festival is a great opportunity for us to support unique artistic initiatives that give elevated experiences to our guests, and to impact a sensitive audience. Our duty, as a global company, is to give visibility to artistic projects.,” says Elena Foguet, Business Director of Value Retail (the company that operates La Roca Village).

In addition to La Roca Village being involved in the community, it is known for its renowned VIP services from virtual shopping, hands-free shopping, valet parking, personal shopper and stylist access, exclusive VIP spaces, gift cards, VIP passes, luggage drop, and tax-free shopping restaurants. And now that the world is traveling again, there is a rise of US visitors to the Village.

According to July statistics, “at La Roca Village, travelers from the United States took third place in total sales to international tourists, showing higher levels than in 2019, with a recovery of 121%.” It’s definitely the place to shop in Barcelona, where you can find anything you need, along with an array of dining options.

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