Ace & Jig’s Spring ‘22 Assortment Features All New Bespoke Textiles

I’ve made it no secret that Ace & Jig is one of my all-time favorite fashion brands. Since I first laid eyes on their gorgeous, often reversible textiles in 2014, I’ve been a dedicated follower and fan.

When the world seemed to fall apart two-plus years ago under the fog of a global pandemic, I worried about all my favorites in fashion, and top on the list was Ace & Jig.

Ace & Jig has a cult following, in large part thanks to the brand’s original, colorful textiles, which are designed completely in house by founders Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan. It’s a laborious process of collaborating with craftspeople in India to combine the colors and textures that will bring the design duo’s visions to life. But the stunning, truly unique results are well worth it.

One way the team survived the pandemic was to use previous season’s textiles with new designs. Thank goodness, it worked! And it makes their spring 2022 collection even more exciting because they’ve released their first new textiles in more than a year.

Everything in this collection is Fair Trade certified and features organic cotton. Read my interview below with the founders below to learn more about how Ace & Jig survived the pandemic and how the spring 2022 collection is extra special.

Are these fabrics unique to spring ’22?

“Yes! After a year of using only our existing textiles, we were ready to create something that felt truly FRESH. We feel the joy of textile creation really comes through in this collection!

We love the natural pairings (or “textile sisters”) that occur throughout the season: illusion & fantasy, hoops & league, bounce & somersault—each of these textiles can be paired in totally different ways, but these duos woven throughout the collection are extra special to us.”

What was the inspiration for these fabrics and styles?

“After isolation, our goal was to try to focus on comfort, joy, and sharing in community. Fabrics like Dance, our multicolor plaid textile, were inspired by a vintage pair of pants and backyard block dance parties. Bounce, a neon coral large polka dot on a blue-green gingham, awaits a beach picnic! Bluffs, a supersoft doublecloth with Tundra on the reverse side, reminds us of the simple pleasures and calm that nature can bring. And Link/Bridge is a textured plaid textile that reminds us of the concept of support and coming together.”

Are there any new styles or shapes that you experimented with for the first time in this collection?

“We’ve always designed with an emphasis on effortless styles, but now more than ever we design ease and versatility into each silhouette. You can see this come through in the playfulness of the Bobby Shirt, which ties perfectly with the Balloon Pant or your own vintage denim. Or in our Sunrise Dress or Jo Jumpall, which work as seamlessly around home as they do at the beach, out to dinner, or dressed up for an event!”

The past two years have been rough for everyone, can you talk briefly about your strategy for getting through the pandemic? Are you seeing an uptick in sales now that things are opening up a bit more?

“Like many, when Covid hit, we had to scramble to figure out how to keep our business alive. We took a hard look at what was working, what wasn’t, and why we started ace&jig. We decided to scale back our business, and double down on our core values.

In 2021, instead of making new textiles, we creatively reinterpreted leftover yardage to create our entire fall collection!

This made room for us to use our energy and resources to make progress on our value-driven initiatives, and we are proud to announce that our manufacturing is now Fair Trade Certificatied, our Spring ‘22 collection features our first organic textiles, and we have an incredible regeneratively farmed, hand-woven, and naturally-dyed Summer capsule in the works!”

You started out slowly with extended sizing, how have those offerings been received by your customers?

“We started this journey in Fall ‘18, and have increased our size offering each season since. We are happy to now offer our entire collection in XXS-4X.

Our fit process involves fitting every style, on multiple individuals, many times.We are grateful for the input we get from our team of fit models and consultants, our surveys, and customer reviews. The best part of this process has been watching new customers enjoy these styles!”

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