All Covid Entry Protocols Lifted For The Island Of Nevis

Announced August 16, 2022, and effective immediately, the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis has removed all entry requirements previously put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s now easier than ever to visit Nevis, the smaller and quieter island in the two-island nation.

Vaccination and testing no longer needed

This change means that inbound passengers to St. Kitts & Nevis—whether international travelers or residents—no longer need proof of vaccination and no longer need to provide certification of a negative Covid test.

An online Immigration and Customs form still needs to be completed, but it no longer requires the approval of a government official prior to travel.

In an August 16, 2022 statement, Devon Liburd, Nevis Tourism Authority’s CEO, said “We’re excited to be taking this crucial step to fully open Nevis’ borders to the world. Lifting these protocols will allow us to further share our rich culture and offerings to visitors coming to the island.”

New protocols from the country’s new prime minister

St. Kitts & Nevis held an election on August 5, 2022, three years earlier than constitutionally required. Dr. Terrance Drew is the country’s new prime minister. Shortly after his appointment, Drew announced that his cabinet would change Covid protocols and laws in order to fully reopen the federation to tourism and international visitors.

Nevis Naturally

Nevis is the quieter island of St. Kitts & Nevis. It’s known as the birthplace of founding father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, and for its thermal hot springs, white sand beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving, mountain biking and hiking on conical Nevis Peak, plus a July festival celebrating Nevis’ 44 varieties of mango. Nevis has no cruise ship ports, no fast food restaurants, no traffic lights, and the tallest building is the height of a coconut tree.

Nevis travel logistics

Most travelers to Nevis fly to St. Kitts (direct from New York, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Toronto) and then take a short flight or boat ride to Nevis. Flights to St. Kitts & Nevis are also available from other Caribbean destinations including Puerto Rico.

Nevis has a variety of places to stay, from traditional hotels to modern resorts, private villas and guest houses. The island’s top pick is Four Seasons Resort Nevis with its mix of guestrooms, suites, studios, estate homes and villas on its 350 acres along almost three miles of beachfront.

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