Avoid Dry Winter Lips With This Luscious New Lawless Lip Balm

Nothing does a number on your pucker quite like winter weather. Between freezing temps, wind and dry indoor heat, keeping your kisser in shape can be quite the challenge. That’s where the new Lawless Beauty Forget The Filler Lip-Plumping Line-Smoothing Tinted Balm Stick comes in. Featuring the same proprietary Maxi-Lip ingredient as their beloved best-selling Lip Mask, it straddles that skincare-as-makeup world by delivering a pretty wash of color.

“We saw a need to bring the magic of our lip mask into a more convenient portable format,” says Annie Lawless Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Lawless Beauty. “The lip mask has truly hit a cult classic, holy grail status because it’s so incredibly hydrating, smoothing and it’s comfortable. The reviews on Sephora have been off the charts positive. It’s the only mask that actually cures my dryness—when you put lip balms and masks on, they temporarily feel good, but often my lips are still dry later.”

Lawless Beauty put all of the goodness of their lip mask into an on-the-go format, including rosa canina fruit oil, jojoba seed oil and shea butter, in addition to their star Maxi-Lip ingredient. “MaxiLip is where the treatment benefits of the entire Forget the Filler franchise are rooted,” Jacbos says. “It’s a clinical-grade skincare ingredient and it support your lips’ own collagen synthesis, meaning over time, it’s going to help build up and strengthen your own collagen with continued use.”

They also added a tint of color, available in six shades, from clear Pink Marshmallow to deeper Sugarplum. The hue is buildable, and it can also be layered over lipstick. “Along the lines of convenience and ease of application, we started thinking about tints because I love lipstick, but sometimes I need a lower color commitment when I’m having a lighter makeup or no makeup day,” Jacobs says, noting they’re perfect for quick mirrorless touchups. “They are all universally flattering; they can be worn alone or paired with a lip liner for that pretty satin finish that’s not sticky or glossy, but still hydrating. It’s like the marriage between a lip mask and a gloss—it’s a happy medium in between.”

The formulation challenge was getting that full, buttery mask into a stick format. “I have a bin of like 300 discarded lab submissions of trying to strike that perfect balance between being melty and hydrating enough but also light enough to be rolled up in a stick,” Jacobs says. “We were able to do that.”

Lawless conducted clinical testing to back up their claims. A trans-epidermal water loss test determined that after just one hour, the lip barrier function improved by more than 20%; after one week, lips’ barrier function continued to improve, even without wearing the balm. They also ran clinical consumer tests, which found that 96% said their lips immediately looked smoother and more hydrated, and felt more comfortable, and 80% said their lips immediately looked plumper. After a week of use, 96% said their lips look smoother and 80% said their lips looked younger. “I love thinking about this as the anti-aging lip treatment because it really smooths and blurs those lines and helps prevent that loss of collagen with age,” Jacobs says.

Like all Lawless products, the Forget The Filler Lip-Plumping Line-Smoothing Tinted Balm Stick follows the brand’s “clean like you’ve never seen” tagline. “We say that Lawless is clean AF because we are truly dedicated to better ingredients in the products we consume,” Jacobs says. “We are a trusted brand for clean makeup because this is authentic to who I am and what I personally need. This is more than a business venture to create a great makeup brand—this is a personal passion project that matters deeply to me as someone who suffers daily with multiple autoimmune issues. I don’t just want clean makeup, I need clean makeup that doesn’t force me to sacrifice my love of beautiful, efficacious products. I am so careful about the ingredients I consume in my day-to-day life, whether it’s food, household products or beauty products because I don’t know what might trigger a rash, reaction or flare. But, I also love makeup and want to live my life. Lawless lets me do both and is a solution I created to a problem I had.”

As if the perks for your pucker weren’t reason enough to shop the newbie, 10% of Lip Balm Stick sales will be donated to Project Glimmer, starting at launch and going through March for Women’s History Month. The nonprofit focuses on building female confidence and giving underprivileged women tools to achieve career dreams. After her parents divorced when she was in high school, Jacobs became extremely independent, launching her first business at age 24, organic cold-press juice company Suja Juice.

“I worked like crazy; I took a lot of risks,” she says. “I made pretty unconventional choices without a lot of guidance. I’m really proud that I’m a self-made entrepreneur, but in reflecting how I got here, and all the risks that you take and the unsure moments and not having guidance at that stage of my life, that motivates me to help other young women. Now that I have a little girl, I’m so extremely passionate about pushing for women to reach those places they want to go and contribute to future female leaders’ success. This is our way of contributing what we can to help women make their dreams a reality if they don’t have the resources to do so right now.”

To carve her own path and grow her success, Jacobs believes it’s about always being true to your authentic self. “I’m not the typical aesthetic in the clean category; I’m more of a full face of makeup kind of girl,” she says. “If you are that kind of girl who loves to get glam, do it. If you’re more of a natural beauty and prefer a lip balm, go do that. I really do believe makeup is supposed to be fun and make you feel your most beautiful, competent self, and that looks different to everyone. My beauty philosophy has been and probably always will be whatever is most you do that. We’re most competent when we feel most like ourselves and we’re secure in the way that we are presenting ourselves to the world because it feels right for us, and everybody has a different version of that. Do what feels right for you and what makes you happy because that’s really going to shine through.”

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