Behind The Scenes Of One Of The Most Sustainable And Exclusive Private Island Resort’s On Earth

In a new video series out this month, Richard Branson offers behind the scenes access to his private island home on Necker Island and what they’re doing to create a better, more sustainable future.

At this point in 2022, virtual tours of any variety are a bit of a snooze. Except when Sir Richard Branson is the tour guide in which case it’s well worth paying attention to.

In a new video series called ‘Creating A Better Future,’ the 72-year-old entrepreneur, space explorer, billionaire and author turned tour guide gives viewers behind the scenes access like never before to his private island home at Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

“If you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you are known around the world, for one reason or another, it’s incredibly important to set a good example to others,” Branson says at the start of the video.

Spread across 74-acres off the coast of Tortola in the B.V.I, Necker Island underwent major renovations after its near total destruction by Hurricane Irma in 2017. The island reopened in 2021, and complete with a brand-new Balinese style house, two additional guest-rooms in the Great House, and the installation of new wind turbines, now serves not only as one of the most exclusive private island resorts on earth, but as a symbol of hope when it comes to the future of sustainability in the hospitality space.

In the new video series — which is available on Virgin Limited Edition’s website and Youtube — Branson gives viewers an overview of the work that’s being done both on Necker Island and in the greater B.V.I. From their work with farms on nearby Tortola and serving as a wildlife refuge for some of the most endangered animal species on the planet to their ultimate goal of eliminating fossil fuel consumption and achieving net zero by 2030, this video is the first in a four part series.

“I live on this beautiful island, and we’ve made sure that it’s powered by wind, and solar and batteries,” Branson says in the video.“Most importantly, Necker is a place where species are protected that are dying out. So we’ve reintroduced the flamingos to this region and we’ve bred over 2,500 now.”

In addition to their work in sustainability and conservation, Necker Island — which is part of Virgin Limited Edition’s exclusive collection of luxury hotels and resorts around the world — has served as a playground for well-heeled travelers and celebrities the likes of Mariah Carey, Harry Styles and Kate Winslet among many others over the years.

Available to book on a buyout basis to the tune of $113,000+ per night for up to 48-guests, travelers can now opt to book rooms a-la-carte over select “Celebration Week” dates in 2023 starting at $5,150 per room, per night. All activities, meals, drinks and island transfers between Necker and neighboring Moskito Island are included in the hefty price tag.

“I think when guests come to Necker, it is a garden of Eden really,” Branson says in the video. “So it’s a great place to think about what the world needs and we can look outside and think this is how the world should be everywhere, and set about trying to see whether we can contribute in some way.”

The island’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is part and parcel of Branson’s ultimate goal of inspiring visitors to Necker and viewers of the series to do better when it comes to living more sustainably.

“I’m not biased, but Necker is the most beautiful place on earth,” Branson concludes in the video. Stay tuned for part two of the series about renewable energy on Necker Island slated to run in November.

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