Bowlus Unveils The First All-Electric RV

Bowlus, a leader in performance luxury recreation vehicles, has unveiled the world’s first production all-electric RV, the Volterra luxury travel trailer. The Volterra is fully electric-powered, with a 100-percent increase in battery capacity from previous models. It also offers the first application of AeroSolar™ in the RV industry. These two features alone, say the company, give a Bowlus Volterra owner the ability to live off-the-grid indefinitely. Bowlus refers to it as a “luxury land travel experience.”

The sleek-looking vehicle with Art Moderne lines is filled with 21st-century comforts like heated floors, a spa-like bathroom, and flexible space options. If you’re heading to Burning Man, this is the deluxe home you might be pining for.

Bowlus’s history stretches back almost 90 years. Hawley Bowlus was a designer, engineer, and aircraft builder known for his role as Superintendent of Construction for the aircraft Spirit of St. Louis, which Charles Lindbergh would fly on the first transatlantic flight. As a designer, Bowlus was intrigued by the growing market for lightweight travel trailers, and in 1934, he unveiled the Bowlus Road Chief. A Bowlus employee, Wally Byam, eventually took these same features and built the first Airstream Clipper in 1936. Airstream became the most recognizable travel trailer in the world, while Bowlus went back to aviation design and worked on what would become the Lear Jet. The iconic Bowlus design and brand were resurrected a few years ago by Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of the new iteration of Bowlus.

While the Volterra has the expected luxury bells and whistles inside, the tech aspect truly sets it apart. It is the first RV industry application of AeroSolar. The system charges as you drive and while you camp, with no need for setup or activation.

The AeroSolar system is paired with an ultra-fast MPPT solar controller to optimize the match between the solar array and the battery. The controller is optimized for the solar panels on the roof and two optional suitcase panels for extra use. It passively charges the Bowlus Volterra at all times.

If you drive an EV, the electric connection to your EV continuously re-charges your Bowlus while driving, providing power on the way to your destination. Already equipped with 20A outlets for emergency EV charging, the increased battery capacity extends the EV emergency charging range to approximately 65 miles.

The Volterra is the first travel trailer with an induction cooktop and the first RV with integrated high-speed satellite internet. It also features a new backup camera, a 150-percent fresh water storage capacity increase, and a limited-edition color palette. The interior theme has been named La Cumbre and is inspired by the mountain peak behind Santa Barbara, California. In the bedding area, La Cumbre includes duvet covers, blankets, and throw pillows made from 100 percent linen with a combination of black and old rose stripes over an ecru base. The limited-edition interior seating is fully vegan.

“We brought the first electric travel trailer with lithium iron phosphate batteries to market, and now the evolution to our Volterra model marks the final step to being fully electric,” said Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of Bowlus. “The new Volterra will benefit customers as the perfect complement to an electric vehicle. You can charge your Bowlus while you drive and have a fully electric experience once you arrive, and, with Volterra’s new solar panel set up, you can live off-grid indefinitely and sleep with confidence knowing you’re helping preserve the great outdoors while you enjoy its splendor.”

The Volterra is now available for order from Bowlus as part of the brand’s 2023 product lineup at Pricing for the Volterra begins at an MSRP of $310,000.

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