Concierge Angelica Miozza: Going The Extra Mile For Guests

All of the world’s greatest hotels share one common trait. Each provides exceptional service to its guests. After all, a hotel can’t thrive on reputation alone. And being located in exotic locations or offering gourmet meals doesn’t mean much if the service isn’t outstanding. In order to provide a five-star experience for guests, hotels need to ensure that even the smallest of details are not overlooked, and that guests feel pampered from the moment they arrive until check-out time. With their knowledge of the area and affable demeanor, professional concierges can see to it that a guest’s experience is a very special one indeed.

Angelica Miozza is originally from California and moved to Las Vegas with her family during high school. While pursuing her Business Degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, she was given the opportunity to work part-time as a reservationist at Wynn Las Vegas and never looked back. Fourteen years later, Angelica Miozza is currently the Assistant Chef Concierge for Wynn Las Vegas. She is also a member of Les Clefs d’Or, a prestigious international association with more than 3,500 professional concierges around the world. Most recently, she was awarded the 2022 Les Clefs d’Or Award representing the United States, receiving the top prize.

Miozza is also an active participant of her concierge community, volunteering and serving as a Board of Director Member for The Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association and CSR Committee member for The Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotel. She recently responded to a series of interview questions.

What personality traits does a concierge need to possess?

Concierges are known to be extremely sociable people with a passion for service. And while concierges are known to wear many hats when it comes to hospitality, some unique traits we possess are:

• Sense of curiosity. A concierge is the center of all things related to a hotel and the city in which it resides (in this case, Las Vegas). We feel the need to know everything so our guests don’t have to figure it out on their own.

• Intuitive. The quintessential concierge will not only know the answer to your questions, but will also be ready with answers to any follow-up questions. A concierge will anticipate all needs for your stay without you having to ask, and it will be presented to you with the utmost attention to detail.

• Resourceful. Concierges are known to have a variety of different skills. We are expected to do everything from speaking with our direct contacts to get that difficult reservation, to learning how to tie a proper bow tie or sow a ripped clothing item. We learn about many different cultures and can procure just about anything a guest is asking for.

• Authenticity. A concierge is someone so genuine and passionate about being there for you, because we want to share our world with you. We deliver honest and enthusiastic service that provides you with the best advice to maximize your vacation in every way you imagined.

What type of requests do you receive?

The most requested daily duties are dining and entertainment arrangements. I am also responsible for assisting guests with the different amenities offered at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, including leisure activities such as spa and golf reservations, retail options for the best shopping, transportation and directions, as well as local experiences and excursions. I can also run small errands such as courier or business service needs. Some of my favorite conversations are with guests visiting Las Vegas for the first time, or those celebrating a birthday or anniversary and looking to experience something unique to the city.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is when people come to see me, knowing they are in the best hands. The magic of friendly conversation is something I consider to be one of my biggest superpowers.

Describe one of your most memorable moments?

Wynn Las Vegas offers bespoke Master Classes that showcase our amazing talent at the resort. We only offer a few classes each month. One of our repeat guests shared with me that she was turning 80 and wanted so badly to experience a class for her big birthday. Because there are limited offerings, they are often sold out if you don’t reserve in advance. I spoke with our Master Class team and we were able to not only get her in the class she wanted, but also personalize the experience by having the Chef prepare and greet her with a cake.

How do you ensure that guests receive exceptional service?

One way I ensure my guests receive exceptional service is by giving each interaction my full attention to truly understand the heart of the guests’ needs. Guests expect us to be efficient and professional, as well as honest, especially if needing to offer alternatives for their requests. I am known to have a friendly and outgoing personality, and an almost parental trait because of how I prefer to take care of my guests. The most common line I receive is, “I have one more question for you because you were so helpful.” While this typically (and realistically) means about five more questions, hearing this makes my day every time.

How can you judge if you’ve had a successful day?

A successful day means more than just booking guests dinners, shows or excursions successfully. To me, it means that guests know exactly where to go and what to expect when fulfilling their experiences, even if am I am no longer at the desk to further assist. It means that they trust my recommendation, even if I was not able to secure their first choice of restaurant, and that the recommendation I gave was just as wonderful as what they originally wanted. It means that I have made a personal connection, and guests feel comfortable asking me anything and everything. By building that relationship with all my guests, I can fulfill every request they send my way.

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