Discover 7 Of The Most Photogenic Spots In Antigua And Barbuda

Is your Instagram feed looking a little dull and in desperate need of some island flavour? Breathtaking Antigua and Barbuda are guaranteed to add a blast of colour to your digital footprint thanks to their divine beaches, charming towns and the bluest water you’ll ever see. No destination is more blissful and visually delightful than this fabulous island destination. Here’s a list of the 7 most intriguing spots in Antigua and Barbuda to bring some life back to your feed.

Stingray City

Make a splash on social media with an unforgettable trip to Stingray City. Strike a pose with the graceful and photogenic Southern Rays and experience a memory that will last a lifetime. These gentle and friendly creatures reside in the azure waters of Stingray City, a stunning ocean habitat the rays share with other magnificent animals like starfish and pufferfish. The crystal clear water and colourful reefs are enough to make the cut but we recommend a snap with the rays themselves. Knowledgeable handlers are ready to help you pose with these elegant creatures and get the perfect angle. If your engagement is treading water, Stingray City is a surefire way to get your head above water.

Pink Sand Beach

For your next photo opportunity, it is time to head to remote and quaint Barbuda and bask in the beauty of the pink sand beaches. What the island lacks in size it makes up for in sublime beaches and the pink ones are truly a treat for the eyes. The natural colour originates from crushed coral from nearby reefs that washes up in torrents on the existing white sand. It is a natural marvel and an easy ferry ride away from its sister island, Antigua. Throw on a matching bikini and pack a picnic: you’ll be tempted to spend the day documenting your visit to the pink sand beaches of Barbuda.

Shirley Heights

Climb to the best view in Antigua and bring your content to new heights. A snapshot from spectacular Shirley Heights will make you look and feel like you are on top of the world. The stunning view of English Harbour and the white sails dotting the turquoise water is the panoramic view of your dreams. Time your visit to catch the sunset and watch the lights twinkle from the townships and sailboats below. You should also visit midday when the sun perfectly lights up the sea with vivid tones of blue. This historic military lookout is home to an exciting weekly Sunday party. The climb is steep but the rewards are great with an impressive 360-degree view that will up your Instagram game.

Hell’s Gate

Ready to show off your devilish side? Hop on a boat and head to the small but arresting Hell’s Gate Island. The centrepiece is Hell’s Gate: a natural stone bridge formed as the result of years of erosion. The gravity-defying arch is precariously situated on the tip of the island and makes for a very dramatic photo background. Walk the ledge of the thrilling bridge for a daring selfie or explore the mysterious caves. You can also experience blowholes and geysers created by the battering waves of the Caribbean sea. If you’re chasing those likes then this adventurous backdrop is sure to impress your followers.

Anywhere in St. Johns

The candy-coloured fishing village of St.Johns is sure to earn your post a double tap. The capital of Antigua and its key port is a vibrant city filled with delicious restaurants, inspiring architecture and a very popular pitstop for cruise ships. Snap your way through town as every corner of this enchanting destination has something neat to uncover. Catch the best view from the tip of the fishing pier and see the pastel buildings mirrored in the water below. Throw yourself into local culture and reflect your worldly side in enriching St. Johns.

Wallings Reserve

Wallings Nature Reserve is the first community-managed national park in Antigua & Barbuda and a destination you simply must remember to bring your camera to! Operating on a mostly volunteer basis and running numerous projects and programs for the benefit of the local community, the Reserve is an inspiring success story that speaks to the power of grassroots organizations. With a myriad well-maintained trails that snake through nearly 17,000 acres of protected rainforest, it’s also the best place to get in touch with Antigua’s wild side. Add some forested flair to your social media feed with a photo op on one of Walling’s shaded trails: if you’re lucky, you might even get photobombed by one of the rare endemic birds!

The Barbuda Frigatebird Sanctuary

A lively lagoon in the heart of Barbuda’s capital of Codrington is home to an avian theatre performance like no other! The Frigatebird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise, boasting the largest colony of magnificent Frigatebirds in the western hemisphere. Accessible by a short and scenic boat ride, the Sanctuary is home to an estimated 100,000 birds! The spirited mating display of these vibrant birds is the stuff of social media legend: the male inflates his signature crimson throat sac to gigantic proportions and incorporates dancing, trumpeting, and wrestling into a can’t-miss production that will leave your followers wanting more.

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