Dr. Barbara Sturm Strengthens Physical Expansion, Counts New York As Newest Addition

Strengthening the brand’s physical expansion on a global scale, Dr. Barbara Sturm is adding not one, but two new Boutique & Spa locations in the buzzing New York City this fall.

Catering to audiences from both uptown and downtown, the newest addition to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s ever-lengthening list of sites are located on the most coveted streets of Upper East Side and SoHo respectively — with the Madison Ave Boutique & Spa opened earlier this month (September) and the SoHo site to follow in October.

Spreading over 5,000 sq. ft. in a townhome, the Boutique & Spa on Madison Ave features five treatment rooms, one of which has two beds in the same space to facilitate a more sociable pampering experience. The interiors, decidedly providing a cozy and homely feel with terracotta bricks and concrete finishes, are inspired by what is happening on the neighborhood street. In comparison, the soon-to-be-opened SoHo site will take in the area’s elevated, trendy atmosphere and deliver an appearance that’s fresher and cleaner, resembling that of a laboratory and appealing to the younger crowd downtown.

Dr. Barbara Sturm as a brand has accelerated its physical expansion just as the world (and demand for physical retail/skincare experience) recovers. But what seemed like a timely move was actually part of a bold, continuing drive to deepen market penetration and escalate the brand’s physical presence. Speaking of her decision in opening not one, but two new spas in New York, the founder says: “During the pandemic, everyone needed help via the phone, WhatsApp and online. Through this, we learned so much from our customers and patients and it became clear that when the pandemic was over, we would need to reconnect and help them again in the physical world — people were looking to be pampered, touched and connected again. They wanted to be in a STURM cocoon, so that is what we offered. It was just a logical consequence. Miami opened before the pandemic and never really closed, LA opened in the middle of the pandemic which seemed crazy at the time to some, London opened just before, and in New York we kept going through pop-ups. After confinement ended, people craved physical experience — it was inevitable and we couldn’t wait.”

Dr. Sturm continues: “New York is like two different cities. If you do medicine and work with patients as I do, you want to create access for customers downtown and vice versa. I work for my patients, so why wouldn’t I be at the service of everybody?”

Having also launched a new Super Anti-Aging Night Cream on September 8, adding to the brand’s popular anti-aging collection, Dr. Sturm says she could never relate to the beauty industry due to the lack of focus on efficacy and truth for patients in general, and elaborates further when questioned on why her eponymous brand has done so well in becoming one of the most recognized names in skincare: “Being at home during the pandemic gave me the opportunity to focus on being a doctor and work for my patients, giving advice and answering to their needs and questions — whether it was through social media, live broadcasts, masterclasses, creating my Skin Schools or virtual consultations. We created so many possibilities to connect with our patients and customers during that time, and focused on providing assistance and education where we could, so that our patients could experience self-care at home.”

“I continue to devote a significant portion of each day to creating educational content — this gets transmitted across my different social platforms including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. At least once or twice a month I do virtual masterclasses via Skin Schools, where I partner with celebrities (Hailey Bieber, Winnie Harlow, Ashley Graham, Emma Roberts and Maria Sharapova to name a few) as well as doctors and experts (for example Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Tara Swart and Dr. Belisa Vranich) to give complimentary, unbiassed education to everyone who wants to learn. Our dedication to education never stops; we just launched a podcast series starting with four episodes about menopause.”

Dr. Sturm’s ethos? Healing and repairing via ingredients that focus on anti-inflammatory properties and nutritions for the skin. “I have never followed social media and industry trends, especially those that aggressively target the skin for quick fixes. At STURM, we focus on healing and repairing instead of attacking and repairing — this comes from my background in anti-inflammatory science and orthopaedic medicine.”

Having invented some of the biggest trends in the aesthetic medicine industry, such as the Vampire Facial, Dr. Sturm is not big on following “the next biggest thing” in beauty or skincare — but she does name one of the newest innovation in skincare: “Exosomes, which basically upgrade your skin.” She continues: “I have been working with Exosomes for 20 years through the MC1 cream and what has become known as the ‘Vampire Facial,’ and we recently translated this into a line called the EXOSO-METIC END LEVEL: it’s like upgrading your landline to the newest iPhone. Exosomes are able to improve cell replication and cell-to-cell communication and work on the skin matrix. It is the next big thing in anti-aging.”

You can now enjoy the range of spa treatments offered by Dr. Barbara Sturm by visiting its new Boutique & Spa on Upper East Side at 1006 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10075. Once open, the SoHo site will be located at 115 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012. To learn about the brand’s line of skincare promoting healthy healing by using anti-inflammatory ingredients, visit www.drsturm.com.

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