Dr Barbara Sturm’s New Microbiotic Collection Focuses On Younger Skin

Adding to the brand’s extensive result-driven range of skincare products, Dr Barbara Sturm has launched a new Microbiotic Collection this May that focuses on younger skin. Comprising of four new products, as well as an on-the-go kit in reusable, sustainable craft paper packing, the Microbiotic Collection targets skin concerns by providing the brand’s younger customers with an accessible regimen that brings a healthier balance to the skin.

The teenage and young adult years can be an especially stressful period as hormonal changes are often experienced from the onset of puberty, which can lead to inflammation of the skin barrier and blemishes, blackheads and pimples, amongst other skin problems.


Inspired by the conversations she had with students and teenagers that attended her Skin School educational series during the height of the pandemic, Dr Sturm says she wants to design a range of products that helps strengthen the skin microbiome, protecting the skin barrier function and boosting its defences, while providing a potent balancing effect. “I see this as programming the skin in the early years for longer term skin health and youth as the skin ages.”

“The human microbiome is the collection of all microbiota that reside on or within the human body, and the ecosystem of microbes that resides on the skin’s surface is called the ‘skin microbiome’ and plays a key role in our immunity and skin health.” Explains Dr Sturm.


And it’s all about restoring the balance — the new collection targets three aspects of the skin’s ecosystem: the microbiome, inflammatory and repair responses, and protection against photodamage by adopting some of the most effective ingredients: Pre- and probiotics that create a healthy diversity of bacteria in the microbiota; Centella Asiatica and Cockspur Thorn that help skin contend with the imbalances brought on by stress, inflammation and hormones; and Butterfly Bush and Moringa Seed Extract that help stabilise free radicals, reduce irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.

The Microbiotic Collection is designed to be used as a four step system:

Step 1: Cleansing Balm — helps to remove makeup, excess sebum and grime, whilst offering a gentle yet intensive cleanse that supports a healthy microbiome;


Step 2: Hydrating HA Serum — offers potent soothing and regenerating properties that soothe irritation and rebalance the skin flora;

Step 3: Face Cream — targets dryness and damage caused by external aggressors, and prevents future breakouts;

Step 4: The Ultimate Stinky Pimple Treatment — supports the skin’s own defense mechanism and reduces redness with anti-microbial properties, and regulates skin’s production of sebum.

For normal to acne-prone skin types, Dr Barbara Sturm’s new Microbiotic Collection can be used daily to restore and strengthen the skin for a healthy, optimally balanced complexion with an even, clean, and fresh appearance.


The Microbiotic Collection is now available at www.drbarbarasturm.com.

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