Dr. Dabber Releases New Portable Cannabis Vaporizer

Las Vegas-based cannabis tech company Dr. Dabber this week announced the release of its latest cannabis vaporizer, just in time for the famed Green Wednesday marijuana shopping push for the holiday season. Dubbed the XS Nano eRig, the new portable vaporizer is now available from the company’s website at a launch price of $159.95. In an announcement of the launch, the company says the new vaporizer is now the smallest such device available on the market.

“We are very excited to bring this new option to the market, enabling our customers to take their eRig almost anywhere,” Pantelis Ataliotis, president of Dr. Dabber. “The inviting price point also makes it accessible to more consumers who are looking to maximize their pen performance, but don’t need all of the” of a desktop vaporizer.

Measuring a diminutive four inches tall, the pocket-sized, compact vaporizer is designed for use exclusively with marijuana concentrates. The device is an advancement in the evolution of Dr. Dabber’s cannabis vaporizer technology, packed into the smallest, most portable e-rig the company has ever made.

“We understand the importance of providing a compact unit for daily usage and now our customers can take their new eRig almost anywhere,” Ataliotis writes in an email about the new device. “Now more than ever, customers are able to travel with our products as cannabis use legislation continues to adapt to the world around us. We aimed to create a solution-based product that addressed consistency in performance, cost-effective accessibility, compact-ergonomic product design and development in a simple user interface.”

XS Nano Builds On Dr. Dabber’s Technology

Dr. Dabber’s XS Nano eRig builds on the technology and design elements of the company’s earlier models, including the Switch and Boost EVO and based on almost a decade of customer feedback. Carefully calibrated heat settings are controlled by the company’s proprietary TCH technology, which ensures a range of temperature settings (475°, 525°, 575° and 625° Fahrenheit) designed to increase vapor production and satisfy all cannabis concentrate enthusiasts, whatever their needs and preferences.

Designed to be simple to fill, load and use, the XS features our signature direct flavor pathway and a newly designed quartz heating dish with a beautiful knurling finish. The XS Glass attachment is a hand-blown sidecar glass rubber with a standard fitting that is easily attached to the XS Main Unit. The glass attachment includes an internal dual-feature splashguard with spill-proof downstream. Percolation is provided by a standard-cut downturn to ensure a consistent flow of liquid between the units. The XS includes several accessories to make the kit complete, including a standard Dr. Dabber loading tool, an extended USB-C charging cable and a specially designed filling funnel to easily fill XS glass attachments.

“Since Dr. Dabber’s inception in 2013, there have been a lot of forward moments in the cannabis industry. Cannabis legalization has been widely accepted, with the majority of states allowing medical or recreational consumption. Vaporizer innovation has moved forward significantly, from a single heated coil inside a pen atomizer, to truly amazing, proprietary innovation like water filtration and induction heating,” the company wrote. “As a leading vaporizer company, Dr. Dabber’s goal has always been to help fuel this forward movement, not only through innovation and development, but also through spreading awareness and setting an example of how a cannabis brand stays true to their customers while maintaining a professional image to the rest of the world.”

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