Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Smeg Espresso Machine

Should Italian retro styling and compact size be dad’s priorities when it comes to a coffee machine, Smeg’s espresso machine is slim in profile but can brew a rich shot of espresso and steam milk for velvety cappuccinos. Assuming dad is grinding his own beans most days, the Smeg machine can take either ground beans or paper pods. An adjustable cappuccino system has a frother to make foam as thick as any Italian cafe, and the machine itself can brew a single or double espresso.

Jura Z10 Coffee and Espresso Machine

A groundbreaking at-home machine, Jura’s Z10 can make not only a full spectrum of hot drinks, from espresso to flat whites, but also genuine cold brew. The only reason dad will want to go to the cafe from now on is to pick up his favorite, freshly roasted beans. Drink quality is in part a result of the machine’s proprietary Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG), which adjusts the grinds to best suit whichever drink is being prepared. The machine also looks beautiful on any countertop and has a companion app to for dad queue a brew while multitasking.

Vero Cortado Glasses by Terra Kaffe

The makers of the beautiful and compact Terra Kaffee coffee machine also offer some of the most design-forward coffee and espresso accessories. The Vero Cortado Glasses are made by notNeutral and act as a stunning glass pedestal for a well-pulled espresso. Each glass is designed with thermo fluid dynamics in mind, optimizing for espresso’s signature flavors. Glasses are handmade in the USA and are dishwasher safe.

Nutr Nut Milk Maker

If your coffee lover is also a drinker of non-dairy milks for his morning latte, consider getting him a serious upgrade to his nut-milk game this Father’s Day. Nutr is an at-home nut-milk machine that creates the cleanest nut milk possible in a matter of minutes. Dad can use any nut he likes, combine with water, and then choose a heat and blend setting and voila. He’ll have a nut milk cleaner and fresher than even the most expensive grocery store alternative.

Danger Coffee

Dave Asprey’s newest coffee is a patent-pending formula of remineralized beans that contains 50 trace vitamins and minerals. Anyone who has tried one of Asprey’s coffee products knows they deliver all the energy in a less-acidic cup and with more reliable sourcing than many beans available at the grocery store. All beans used in Danger Coffee are guaranteed mold-free, a big challenge in the coffee world, beyond industry and government-required standards. Asprey shares of these new beans that, “These beans deliver the good stuff (antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, micronutrients, and optimal fasting support) without bogging you down with the bad stuff you’ll find in ordinary coffee.”

App-connected Spinn Coffee Maker

For dads who like to program their morning cup while they’re still in bed, Spinn is a hardware-enabled coffee maker that is operated from a partner app. Users can select a favorite beverage, from coffee to espresso to cold brew from a list of pre-programmed recipes and customizable brew settings. The brand claims it can make barista-level coffee using a patented centrifugal brewing technology. Dad doesn’t even have to leave the app to order more beans, as Spinn’s in-app Roaster Market connects to local and global brewers to deliver your fix.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Many fans of espresso, drip coffee and French press swear by Breville’s Smart Grinder. This easy-to-use grinder has 60 settings, designed to cover nearly any drink made with coffee or espresso. Settings include options like ‘cups’ for French press or ‘shots’ for espresso to determine the right dose and for a given beverage.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Carrier in Espresso

For the new or expecting dad who has already fine-tuned his at-home coffee system to morning-ritual perfection, why not extend his coffee obsession to luxury baby accessories? Artipoppe makes the most art-inspired baby carriers designed with luxe, natural materials and created for parent and child comfort. The brand’s ‘espresso’ colorway is made from a jacquard woven fabric in a light blend of recycled mulberry silk and organic cotton.

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