Graff Taps Supermodel Grace Elizabeth For New Bridal Collection Campaign

On September 1, Graff released its new campaign starring supermodel and muse, Grace Elizabeth, reasserting the brand’s unwavering positioning on the bridal market. Showcasing a series of breathtaking designs from the high-jewelry house’s bridal collection, Graff’s new campaign gave Elizabeth and her real life husband, German footballer Nicolaus Krause, the opportunity to live their dream wedding they never had due to the pandemic.

Since the start of the company over 60 years ago, the bridal market has always been of crucial importance to the British jewelry house. With a “diamond first” vision, the brand’s unique approach to selecting diamonds relies on expertise that has been passed down through generations, with each diamond assessed by a member of the family according to the Graff standard of beauty: a mix of character, artistry and energy that combine to create diamonds that are better, brighter and more brilliant.

Coinciding with the release of their new campaign, Graff launched a newly updated version of the iconic Promise setting, minimizing the amount of precious metal surrounding the diamonds to create a seamless, elegant flow between the shank, shoulders and centre stone. The freshly enhanced silhouette reveals a soft tulip shape and a dropped top bezel, bringing a beautiful delicacy to the front view, while the side stones are held by a sweeping, organic bezel that transitions into delicate claws.

The new bridal campaign and collection can be viewed here at

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