How Lyndie Benson Turned Her Love For Cashmere Into A Thriving Business

Sitting in a hotel lobby in New York, Lyndie Benson is soft spoken and full of smiles, well-poised in her understated yet demure outfit. It’s almost easy to forget that despite her stylish looks and embracing energy, Benson is also a visionary businesswoman — currently the CEO and Creative Operating Officer of Bleusalt, the thriving fashion label she founded in 2017.

Having devoted three decades to raising her two children, Benson decided to redirect her artistic energy and build something with her creative talents. Bleusalt is a luxury fashion label focusing on season-less basics, made locally in the USA from the softest fibers in partnership with Tencel ™ — a less precious but equally luxurious alternative to Benson’s favorite cashmere.

The sale of Bleusalt’s breathable, machine washable, shrink-resistant, sustainable pieces soared during the pandemic, with the brand’s Malibu-inspired chic essentials steadily gaining more popularity. I speak to Benson about the birth of Bleusalt, building a dream team, and making people feel the best version of themselves.

Angela Lei (AL): Is there a particular moment that sparked Bleusalt?

Lyndie Benson (LB): It was a gradual spark… It began while I was working on another project. I had some sweatshirts made for that project that everyone kept asking for. That got me interested in the fabric. I researched that fabric and it was a terrible version of MODAL that was extremely bad for the environment. My values are the values of Bleusalt and that would mean I would never want to create something and put it out into the world if I didn’t feel amazing about it every step of the way. I wanted to see if there was another version that was sustainable and found our fabric partner Tencel and the rest is history.

AL: How would you describe Bleusalt’s brand aesthetics?

LB: I have always been obsessed with beautiful cashmere and head to toe outfits from Loro Piana and Bamford. Luxurious clothing that looked good on the beach for a bonfire and just as good when you were at Nobu for dinner. So once I found the fabric and perfected it for Bleusalt, the inspiration was already fully realized in my daily life and aesthetic.

AL: Let’s talk about the most versatile and popular design of Bleusault – the cozy wrap that can be used for any purpose, understated yet with a hint of drama. Did your personal style inspire the style of the brand, if so how would you describe your day to day outfit?

LB: Bleusalt is a season-less line of elevated basics that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. I have always been drawn to classic basics like perfect T shirts and classic button ups. I also have always accessorized with scarfs and wraps. I’ve always been obsessed with them because I feel they add so much to your wardrobe while also being very practical and classic. They also add some drama to a look as well as provide warmth or just to cover up a wrinkled outfit after a day of travel on the plane! It’s the best travel accessory.

AL: What did you find the most challenging as a female entrepreneur, especially one that lives in the public eye?

LB: The most challenging and the most important part of being an entrepreneur is building a great team which we have now and are continuing to find the right team members. Finding the right people who support the vision and are passionate, hard working and excited everyday to do their best in their area is what I look for. It makes for an unstoppable team.

AL: Bleusalt has come a long way since it was founded in 2017. What is the brand’s core value and growth goals? Have they changed at all over the past few years?

LB: I honestly feel like we just started, haha. The brand’s core values and mission remain the same today as the first day. We want to make people feel their best and we want everyone to be able to experience the feeling and effect of beautiful luxurious pieces while also being conscious in every area while we work to make Bleusalt a household name. I feel like there are a lot of people that feel “luxury” is out of touch for them and we are here to show you that it is available for everyone.

AL: If you had to name one single moment since you started the brand what would it be?

LB: Honestly it might be this interview. I have always aspired to have an interview with Forbes and that is the honest truth.

AL: What is your role in the business and I’d love to know what your average day is like.

LB: I am the CEO and Creative Operating Officer which means I oversee the team and come up with all the ideas and visuals. Up until this year, I also did all the lifestyle photography myself as well as really almost everything except manufacturing and shipping and fulfillment. The team has grown and now a day in-the- life looks something like this:

*Wake up usually before 6am


*Check emails for anything urgent and timely

*Exercise and motivate

*Start working usually around 9am attending meetings and planning daily operations. I am always available for everything anyone needs from general questions, approvals to putting out fires. I am non-stop Bleusalt all day, everyday.

Depending on the kind of day it is will depend if I have the space for creativity. When I get to have some creative time I am able to come up with intentions for planning and driving the overall aesthetic and brand story through as many platforms as possible.

AL: What is next for Bleusalt and you as founder?

LB: Bleusalt continues to amaze me with its growth so all the focus is to keep growing and making sure we prioritize quality in every way, everyday, that includes our customer service and our product. We truly strive to be our best each day and every single customer is important to us so we spend a lot of time on our customer service as well as our efficiency in the team and operations and we try also to work on waste reduction and to keep it as low as possible coming up with products like our Little Triangle Scarf that was made with the remnants from our wrap production.

You can now shop Bleusalt’s new collection of luxurious essentials in a range of soft pastel colors at

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