Inside ‘Art With Me,’ The Stylish Pre-Basel Miami Art Festival

For those of us who visit Miami Art Week a few days early, there is Art With Me. This weekend-long festival of art, music, fashion and culture is where to strut your style, and experience music, food, public art, wellness and all kinds of culture.

Art With Me is like the Coachella of the east, with DJ sets, wellness-focused activities, and stylish fashionistas trendsetting ahead of Art Basel Miami Beach. Some of the fashion designers who will be featuring their items onsite include Crystal Wu and

This year, the annual event returns November 26 and 27 at Virginia Key Historic Park, with electronic music DJs, wellness activities and art for the city’s foremost pre-Basel event in Miami. Matt Caines, the co-founder and managing partner of Art With Me, speaks about the festival, its ethos, and what to expect this year.

Why do you host Art With Me right before Miami art week?

Matt Caines: A primary goal for us is to create an additional platform for artists to present their work during a time in Miami when art is the center focus of the city. There are many benefits for the artists we work with showcasing their work during this period. Before we came in 2021 there were very few options for people to do something exciting and creative. So, we’ve now focused our two-day event across Saturday and Sunday to give families and adults in the area time to decompress after Thanksgiving before joining us for world-class art, entertainment, and wellness activities before Miami grinds to a halt with the following weekend’s parties.

Why is this an essential event for creativity, culture, and fashion?

Art With Me loves to see more artists outside the white box. There are highly creative large-scale art installations That present the opportunity for viewers to have additional involvement with the art outside of just looking at something artistic. People are expecting an experience when attending events; this is a trend that is growing each year. Art With Me strives to create a canvas where inspirational moments are the heartbeat of the event. The new culture is experiential, more responsible with self-care and the environment around them, all thriving through highly inspirational moments.

What about the fashion side?

From the fashion side, we also encourage people to express themselves through individual fashion styles. We have a heavy emphasis on artisan clothing and jewelry. Many vendors at the event will be selling handmade jewelry and clothing, so if people get a creative fashion itch at the event, they can completely re-change their style or maybe add to the existing fashion look. Art With Me sees fashion as an essential element of the overall event. Fashion is art; therefore, we celebrate the Vatican bonnet at the event. What are the fashion designers that will be showing and selling work at the event?

What do people wear to Art With Me, and what trends do you expect this year?

Art With Me attendees range from the baby boomers to the generation Z, there happens to be a wide range of fashion taking place. In addition to fashion, we like to see people get painted, paint themselves, or decorate themselves in a manner that allows them to express their creativity. As an event that celebrates creativity and individuality in equal parts, there are always various styles and fashions on display at our event. Our daytime hours are heavily programmed with wellness and family-friendly activities, so there is a casual, athleisure-type vibe as people engage in Yoga and many other programs focused on personal growth.

After the sun sets at around 5:30 p.m, things transition into a vibrant gathering of adults who’re there to check out the art, music, food, and remaining wellness programs that begin to taper off around 8 p.m.

What is the style like, fashion wise at Art With Me?

Our attendees can be seen leaning into styles from the deep playa at Burning Man to Tulum to something you might see on the beaches of Ibiza. This is by no means a comprehensive overview of the wide variety of creativity we see in our guests. We celebrate every and all expressions of creativity. Feel free to surprise us!

What are some famous names who have made their way to your event?

We’ve had Scottish actor Gerard Butler visit us, as well as actors including Michelle Rodriguez, Mehcad Brooks, Tasya Teles, and Tara Reid, as well as artist Laura Kimpton and entrepreneur Rohan Marley (son of Bob Marley).

Is this like the Coachella of the south?

Art With Me delivers all of the elements that have made Coachella successful in an accessible family-friendly package that also creates space for individual growth through our wide variety of wellness programs. We offer experiences across many highly creative platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate our attendees and followers. We focus on art, music, wellness, culinary experiences, children’s workshops, education, sustainability, and giving back. As a result, our events cater to individuals and families who crave a more interactive experience that reinforces a profound sense of community.

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