Inside The New Lacoste Flagship Store In Paris

Lacoste, a brand made famous by its polo shirts since 1933, has built up a sporting heritage for men, women, and children offering timeless pieces with a dash of contemporary style for good measure. And, for those who want to go on a shopping spree in Paris, Lacoste has opened the doors of its new flagship store located in the heart of Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in the form of The Arena (cue sporting reference).

The first next-generation Lacoste flagship worldwide, the 1600 m² store houses all the brand cultures and clothing to match, from footwear, golf, tennis, and fitness performance collections, to women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear. Plus, there’s a customization service on offer for all of those who want to personalize their croc.

When it comes to the space, expect unique experiences that combine entertainment and digital innovations such as the Croco Wall — an interactive work of art complete with a photobooth that allows friends of the brand to appear in the installation – symbolizing the inclusivity of the Crocodile.

“We are proud to open Lacoste Arena, our new flagship, at the heart of the Champs-Élysées. More than a store, it will be the beating heart of the brand and aims to completely renew the Lacoste customer experience thanks to numerous technological innovations, combining interactive and immersive experiences. This opening is a strong signal for the influence of the Crocodile in France and around the world, as the flagship will be a rallying point at the crossroads of cultures, generations and styles, and will allow us to share Lacoste’s emotions and expertise with our customers.” Thierry Guibert, CEO of Lacoste

Catherine Spindler, Chief Brand Officer of Lacoste shares her five things to know about the new Lacoste Flagship in Paris.

The exceptional location: Our new flagship is the beating heart of all Lacoste cultures. It marks both the strong international dimension of our brand and its French origins. The flagship is in the heart of the Champs-Elysées, which in addition to being recognized around the world as the most beautiful avenue in the world, perfectly symbolizes these bridges of cultures. It is an avenue rich in contrasts, a rallying point in the image of our brand and its iconic crocodile.

The scale of the flagship: With its ambitions, Lacoste has made this new flagship its largest store in the world, with 1600m². It becomes the embodiment of the crocodile’s fashion-sport vision. This size enables Lacoste to achieve its ambitions in terms of customer & brand experience and to deploy all of Lacoste’s territories of expression. 9,500 items are presented, through a powerful footwear area, sports performance golf, tennis and fitness collections, women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear.

The customer experience through signature moments throughout the customer journey: In line with our desire to make Lacoste an immersive and inclusive brand, we are offering unique signature moments. Like the Croco Wall, which allows our communities to project photos were taken at the shop’s photo booth onto a wall of 18 screens, or the immersive tunnel which, designed in the atmosphere of a tennis match, will see the balls bounce under your feet. In order to facilitate the appropriation of its pieces by its customers, Lacoste offers a customization workshop in real-time to personalize the crocodile’s essentials with its colors, cuts or initials. These experiences, among many others, contribute to an ever more unique and innovative customer experience.

The guestroom: The Lacoste Arena offers a guestroom, a space that will be open to different types of guests and events. Initially, it will honor Gaumont, which in the past occupied this place with the Gaumont Ambassade cinema and which owns this building. This guestroom will host a space dedicated to sport or will also welcome artists or young entrepreneurs to exhibit their work and know-how in an exceptional location. It will actively participate in the sharing of Lacoste culture, which we understand without frontiers.

The importance given to our approach to sustainability, durable elegance: The international symbol of Lacoste is and will remain the crocodile on our polo shirts: this is why we wanted to pay tribute to it in the flagship and ensure exceptional durability. Our deeply responsible vision is embodied by our Durable Elegance policy and its dedicated corner in the store, our polo shirt in the flagship is based on its values. The LOOP polo shirt, made from recycled fibers of old polo shirts, the original L.12.12 polo shirt with even better continuation, and the “Fleur de coton” polo shirt, a re-edition from 1991 – made of 100% organic and untreated cotton, the expression of cotton in its purest and most respectful form – are all highlighted here. In addition, other initiatives testify to the brand’s commitment to more responsible fashion, including a woven mural, combining a sustainable and artistic approach; recycled hangers developed from small pique cotton scraps; bags created from former polo.

Visit the new store at 50 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France.

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