Jeweler Logan Hollowell Launches Debut Ready-To-Wear Collection

Los Angeles-based jeweler Logan Hollowell has launched her debut clothing collection, and it’s right in time for summer adventures. Her first foray into clothing, the line is in collaboration with Positan0-based company La Bottega Di Brunella.

Made up of 9 pieces, think minimal white linen wrap tops, slips, kimonos and tunics inspired by the effortless elegance and beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Here, only the finest Italian cotton is used, and each piece is hand-sewn on the coast of Positano by the family-owned La Bottega Di Brunella.

Logan tells us more about her first foray into fashion with the LH Linen range.

Felicity Carter: Sum up the ready-to-wear line?

Logan Hollowell: LH Linen is a collection of hand-sewn Italian linen wardrobe staples meant to take with you anywhere and everywhere. While traveling through my favorite summer destination, the Amalfi Coast, I met the beautiful family of La Bottega Di Brunella, where their Italian linen is hand sewn in Positano. Being infatuated with their linen, I was inspired to create a clothing collection that carries carefree energy into everything you do.

FC: How long was the collection in the making?

LH: I have always dreamt and planned on expanding my collection into clothing— the essentials made in delicate fabrics to pair with the jewelry. My intention in adding the clothing (and future capsules) is to make it easier for the modern goddess to feel effortlessly beautiful and chic, to create a canvas for her to layer her jewelry, and to express her story. The process started a couple of years ago on a trip to Positano when I met the beautiful family of La Bottega Di Brunella. I was instantly inspired and connected, and my intuition affirmed this was the time to start designing and creating a beautiful collaboration.

FC: What inspired the collection?

LH: LH linen is made to steal glances and create the perfect canvas for goddesses to layer and shine, level up, and carry out their lives with confidence and passion. I was inspired to create a vacation wardrobe that exudes effortless femininity and ease. These pieces celebrate the essence of Siren, the magnetic goddess with the world at her fingertips.

FC: Tell us about the process, the materials used and the production process?

LH: Each piece is hand sewn in small batches in Positano. The entire production process is internally made- from the yarn to the finished product. The patterns are made using gauze, cotton and linen: fresh and light materials that translate the beauty and feel of the Amalfi Coast.

FC: Which is your favorite piece and why?

LH: The Siren Wrap Top. It is sexy, versatile and flattering for everyone. It’s the perfect vacation piece that you can wear to the beach or dress it up for dinner.

FC: How would you further like to expand the brand offering?

LH: I will continue expanding my brand into clothing and lifestyle. I want to continue to add value to our customers’ lives by creating products to make them feel connected, inspired, and magical. By working with different materials and fabrics that are luxurious, timeless, and I will continue to grow while staying true to the LH brand. I believe clothing should always compliment your jewelry and be the perfect canvas to layer onto.

The 9-piece collection is now available exclusively on and ranges from $150-$350.

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