Last Minute Halloween Looks You Can Achieve With Makeup

Halloween parties are this weekend and it completely slipped your mind until the reminder hit your calendar. It’s okay, we have all been there! There is no reason to fret, though, because with a little bit of fun makeup you can pull off an easy and stunning Halloween costume using your favorite beauty products.

Here are a few last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can achieve with makeup:

Julia Fox

Actress and NYC it girl Julia Fox rose to stardom this year thanks in large part to her innovative sense of fashion. A signature of many of her outfits was an extremely exaggerated smokey eye that extended up her brow bone and out past her eyes. Use a black pencil eyeliner to line your eyes all the way around, then apply a black eyeshadow on your whole eyelids, winging them out in a dramatic manner. Don’t be afraid about getting it perfect; the beauty of Fox’s eye makeup is in the messiness.

Taylor Swift In The “Bejeweled” Music Video

With a new Taylor Swift album comes a lot of opportunities for costume ideas, as each one ushers in a new era and style. For an extremely topical 2022 costume that is mostly reliant on makeup and hair, I dare you to try out one of the stunning looks from the “Bejeweled” makeup look. Crafted by makeup legend Pat McGrath herself, you’ll need some colorful and sparkly eyeshadow, eyeliner “sharp enough to kill a man”, and some face gems to scatter around your eyes as well. Then just style with your most bedazzled ensemble. McGrath even listed some of the exact items you can use to get the look here.

Pearl From Pearl

Horror movie icons and Halloween go hand in hand, so try out a costume inspired by the latest A24 classic. Mia Goth’s starring role as Pearl is already iconic, thanks in part to the character’s distinct style. If you don’t already have thin blonde eyebrows, use foundation and powder to cover up your natural brows before drawing on thin, blonde arches. Apply a glossy red lip for Pearl’s signature pout, plus a doe-like eyeliner along your upper lash line. Style your hair with a braided updo, apply bows, and wear your best red dress (or overalls for her casual look).


That popular green TikTok beauty filter proved one thing: we all want to be She-Hulk! While you can’t wear the filter out in real life (if only makeup were that easy) you can get the look of this Marvel icon with the help of some green face paint. Complete with a smokey eye makeup look and purple lipstick for a glam green goddess look.

Pamela Anderson

Thanks to Pam & Tommy, Pamela Anderson’s iconic 90s makeup style is sure to be a popular option this Halloween. There are plenty of tutorials on TikTok and YouTube to help you achieve Anderson’s beauty look, but the key pieces are the thin, drawn-on eyebrows, dramatic lip liner with nude gloss, and sultry smokey eye. Style with any black corset-inspired top and matching black pants or a mini skirt for a complete look.

Elizabeth Holmes

The infamous Theranos founder may have crafted her signature look to avoid spending too much time on appearances, but it has become instantly recognizable and is simple to recreate because of its imperfect nature. Just put on a red lip that is slightly smudged, haphazard eyeliner, concealer that’s a little too light for your complexion, tie your hair back into a messy low ponytail, and wear your favorite black turtleneck. Bonus points if you can do the voice.

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