Life House Berkshires Promises A Creative Haven And Countryside Horizon

Lately, it seems like anywhere there’s a notable past or current cultural relevance, there’s a Life House. And now, that’s true for the Berkshires: a place where artists and writers (Wharton, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau, and many others among them) once resided for inexpensive land—which is certainly no longer the case—and endless inspiration—which certainly still is the case.

A nod to those who came before it, the newest Life House property (others include Miami, Denver, and Nantucket) positions itself as a writer’s retreat. Steeped in nature, it leans into the sentiment that as much as introspection requires internal exploration, it equally requires outward connection; that the most successful creatives know how to do both.

“Nature is one of the main reasons why people have chosen to come to Lenox over the years,” says Rami Zeidan, founder and CEO of the cutting-edge hospitality company. “Our Berkshires House wants to celebrate this particular aspect of the area by inviting guests to embark on hikes, visit local farms, and take in the historical sights. Once back at the House, our guests will curl up in front of the fire with a drink and a good book. We intend to make this House an indoor-outdoor experience for our guests who want to enjoy the Berkshires year-round.”

The property itself maintains its original 1970s aesthetic, incorporating rich, New England tones and materials throughout the mountain motor lodge. With an open-door corridor, the space connects its library, lounge, club room, and kitchen to its outdoor fire pit and lounge, and everything that nature has to offer—as only the Berkshires can.

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