Make Money And Travel The World: 10 Best Paying Jobs

After two-plus years of living through the pandemic, it may be difficult for much of the workforce to envision returning to a typical 9-to-5 in the office. Long commutes and sitting at a desk all day aren’t for everyone. And with international travel on the backburner for many during quarantine, wanderlust is hitting new heights. So what if frequent travel was part of the job—not just something you accrue that precious PTO for? There are plenty of career opportunities that will allow you to experience far-flung destinations and earn a solid salary while you travel the world.

In a recent study, Compare My Jet, a private jet charter search company, explored the best-paid careers for those who want to travel the world while earning some of the biggest salaries. The company analyzed the highest-paying jobs in every country and filtered this by the amount of travel required for these jobs.

It’s no surprise that airline pilots, consultants and sailors are some of the best paying jobs that keep employees on-the-go. But some of the careers that made the list might come as a surprise. Aerospace engineers take the top prize when it comes to salary, averaging an annual salary of $121,523. Other careers that pay well and require travel include ski instructors, event planners, offshore drillers and architects.

Some of these jobs are less strict in terms of qualifications and required degrees. “Working for a charity or NGO might be a starting point. Many jobs in the travel and tourism industry might be suitable, too. A photographer with a good reputation and good contacts might travel the world. Many journalists are qualified by experience rather than education,” says Liz Sebag, director of the U.K.-based career coaching agency 10Eighty.

If a new degree isn’t feasible, consider well-paying positions like being a travel agent, tour guide or event planner. Of course, for many jobs, you’ll need to satisfy the educational and training requirements. But Sebag offers some more pointers for finding a career that requires travel. “The ability to speak two or more foreign languages would be a good route to an international career,” Sebag says. “A professional career with internationally recognized qualifications such as teaching, medicine, architecture and, obviously, law. IT and management consultants who can do business in the relevant languages are likely to have good opportunities to travel extensively.” Some of these careers, even ones with fewer qualifications, can also offer low unemployment rates, strong work-life balance and possibilities for job growth.

Thinking about taking on a new adventure and seeing what the world has to offer? Look into one of these top 10 career paths for the most lucrative job opportunities that will keep you jet-setting.

10 Best-Paying Jobs If You Want To Travel The World

  1. Aerospace Engineers: $121,523
  2. Airline Pilots: $112,162
  3. Consultants: $107,989
  4. Offshore Drillers: $90,679
  5. Telemedicine Physicians: $80,239
  6. Event Planners: $65,586
  7. Architects: $59,093
  8. Sailors: $47,404
  9. Ski Instructors: $47,404
  10. Training Specialists: $44,683


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