Nafsika Skourti Launches AW22 Collection Online And In Harvey Nichols

Designed for the bold and sexy, Nafsika Skourti’s new AW22 RTW collection oozes confidence and empowerment with a fine-tuned balance between femininity and masculinity. The brand’s new seasonal drop, featuring a range of stunning silhouettes in intense colors (think the brightest red contrasting the darkest black), arrived at Harvey Nichols today after going live on on October 2.

A self-proclaimed “nocturnal”, cofounder and designer Nafsika’s creative process fror AW22 started shortly before she caught Covid. “A friend of mine who is a film buff told me to watch ‘Tokyo Drifter’ by Seijun Suzuki shot in 1966.” Nafsika says, stating that she took advantage of the isolation and really dove in the development process of the new collection. “Truth be told I skipped through most of it because I was too impatient and every scene was gorgeous, the art direction, colors and vibe were spot on! I am really sensitive to colors, as color has its own emotional language. One scene in particular had a really hyper, bright red and that really set the tone for me from there.”

The unmissable shade of red used in abundance in the new collection is a perfect reflection of the identity of the brand — glamor met with an attitude of nonchalance and rebellious energy. “The mood for this collection is very scorpio energy, it’s fierce, secretive, passionate. Subtle but bold too.” Echoing her own preference of working at night, Nafsika adds that the collection is “very night energy — [like a] midnight walks through the city,” before continuing to elaborate: “There’s a nice tension between feminine and masculine elements in the cuts. That duality inspires and influences my aesthetic and approach of deconstructing wardrobe staples and rethinking them. Leather was also a lead actor in my story. It’s a material that is loaded with connotations; hardy, subversive, gangster, fetishistic.”

Seeking duality, the AW22 collection has a clear emphasis on evening wear separates and elevated daywear. Nafsika intends for the new collection to elude re-categorization easily: “Clothes for women who are comfortable crossing lines and changing direction. I imagine a woman who is constantly remixing and recontextualizing their fave pieces as their mood or the occasion dictates.”

The range of distinct looks, albeit sharply tailored with masculine clean lines, are incredibly easy to wear and flattering with each stitching and swatch of fabric expertly-designed and well thought-out. It is also when the pieces are worn the air of delicate femininity and gentle tenderness really comes through. Nafsika explains that she always designs on the body and tries everything on: “My style is an extension of my character: I’m not loud but I’m confident. If I look like a dude during the day I most certainly won’t at night. I would describe my after-dark style as minimal, sensual with a coy demeanor — ‘Modern Glamor’ is how I describe the brand and it’s because I always reference old school couture elements (fabrics like taffeta, volumes, 80s embellishments, 90s swag) and try to make it feel current.”

And it would seem that building her own brand with her sister was written in Nafsika’s stars. “I have a really strong memory of watching my aunt embroidering my name using thread. In fact, all my early, very vivid memories are not with people, nor places, but just me and my drawing/whatever creative activity I was doing. I have always been creatively inclined and I feel so lucky that I get to live out my calling.” Continue to speak of her first fashion memory, Nafsika recalls when her grandmother asking her, then at the age of 5, to run errands: “And I remember that every time I went to her tailor’s studio they would give me sequins and crystals to play with. I would put them all in a beautiful basket with a big green ribbon and was so so proud and inspired by my bead collection.”

And those beads collection in Nafsika’s memory led to something special. “The embroidered details [from the collection] were born from Stephanie’s [Nafsika’s sister and cofounder of the brand] engagement dress. We came up with the tear-drop cut out embroidery shape — something that wasn’t super embellished but with a modern iterations of textile work and embroidery.”

Nafsika’s favorite piece from the new drop? Without a doubt the sexy yet sensual Leo Top. “I just love how balanced it is. It’s sexy but also really versatile, it can work any way you swing it. It’s simple but not basic. The completely open back is nicely juxtaposed with the high boat neck line at the front. It has also been a great vehicle for print.”

“I hope when someone wears NS they feel confident and assertive. My message to everyone with this collection is ‘Own your energy’.”

The AW22 collection is now available on as well as via Harvey Nichols’ e-commerce site and global stores.

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