New York Ski Resorts Offer Much More Than Alpine Skiing

You’ve been asked to go on a weekend ski vacation with a group of friends. Problem is, you don’t ski. Not to worry, there’s much more to a ski vacation than Alpine skiing. Even non-skiers can participate in the other winter activities that many ski resorts offer, such as ice skating, snow tubing, snowmobile rides and guided snowshoe tours. Cross country skiing, AKA Nordic skiing, differs greatly from the downhill version, and can be enjoyed by anyone who desires a scenic activity. For those who want to be pampered, a good number of ski resorts feature spas that offer a wide variety of soothing treatments.

Home to more ski resorts (52) than any other state, ranging from iconic Whiteface Mountain to smaller ski areas like Oak Mountain, New York is a winter’s playground. If it’s a snow-based activity, you’ll likely find at one of New York’s ski resorts.

Peek’n Peak Resort

Lunar Lights Tubing

Lunar Lights Tubing transforms nighttime snow tubing into a thrilling and mesmerizing atmosphere, featuring an ever-changing light show produced by thousands of LED lights and projection lights. The lights will pulse, fade and change in coordination with an immersive sound system. A live DJ will operate the massive light and sound program on select dates. Tubers are carried to the top of the hill by a Magic Carpet Lift in between runs. The Magic Carpet Lift operates like a giant conveyor belt. You won’t have to struggle with hooking your tube to a moving cable or hauling your tube to the top of the hill.

Holiday Valley Resort

The Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster

The Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster, similar to a roller coaster but it is low to the ground, follows the contours of the terrain for a thrilling ride through the snowy woods. You ride alone or with a friend in a “car” attached to rails that pulls you up the hill, then it follows a zig zagging spiraling path down the mountain. You can control the speed of your car with levers on the sides of the car. Children must be at least three years old and over 38 inches tall to ride with an adult, or eight years and 54 inches tall to ride alone.

West Mountain Ski Resort


West Mountain’s popular tubing park has four upper lanes and six lower lanes all accessible by the moving magic carpet ride. Simply hop on with your tube and let the moving magic carpet take you up hill to the starting point. Tubing two-hour tickets are pre-sold online.

Windham Mountain


Guests can enjoy the day snowshoeing at the Windham Country Club in the white snowy Catskill Mountains. Appreciate all that this winter wonderland has to offer of introductory-level cross country skiing and snowshoe trails along the Batavia Kill with gorgeous mountain views. Conditions and grooming is weather dependent and may change accordingly.

Belleayre Mountain


There’s nothing quite like strapping into a pair of snowshoes to explore the cross country trails at Belleayre during the winter. The course offers a unique experience, with trails meandering for six miles. On your journey through the forest, you’ll snowshoe under towering white pines, notice abundant animal tracks and enjoy the quiet beauty of the surrounding Catskill Mountains.


Gondola Ride

It’s like a bird’s eye view in flight. The eight-passenger Cloudsplitter Gondola carries you from the Main Base Lodge to the top of Little Whiteface in fifteen minutes. As you trace the mountain’s contours, soaring over streams, ski trails, steep rock faces and thick forests, the beauty of the Adirondacks reveals itself. You’ll see Lake Placid and its namesake village. You’ll spot the ski jumps and the Ausable River. At the top, an observation deck and picnic area await you.

Gore Mountain

Cross-country Skiing, Snowshoeing

The North Creek Ski Bowl hosts non-skiing/riding sports. Check out the cross-country trail network of 11 groomed loops with snowmaking and lights to extend your on-snow time well into the evening hours. The stadium layout makes it a popular venue for team training and events. Snowshoers can join in the fun along the sides of the trails too.

Swain Resort

Escape Rooms

Take a break from the outdoor activities to test your intuitive skills at one of Swain’s mystifying escape rooms. The Prime Minister was shot and all the evidence points to you. The Agency will be done processing the group and in only one hour you will have to prove you didn’t pull that trigger. A close colleague who believes in your innocence has left you a series of tools and hints that only you will know what to do with. It’s all the help she can give you though. Work your way free and find out who set you up. Keep your wits about you and pay attention to every detail. Minister was shot and all the evidence points to you. The Agency will be done processing the group and in only one hour you will have to prove you didn’t pull that trigger The Prime Minister was shot and all the evidence points to you. The Agency will be done processing the group and in only one hour you will have to prove you didn’t pull that trigger

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