Norway’s Newly Transformed Hotel Union Øye Is A Celebration Of Nordic Lifestyle

The newly transformed historic hotel draws attention to a family-run hotel collection affording exploration of the Norwegian fjords.

One of Norway’s most legendary hotels, Hotel Union Øye is garnering a fresh wave of attention as it emerges from a historic transformation and significant expansion. For the Norwegian travel company behind this heritage property, 62°Nord, this is one part of continued efforts to enhance the unique hotel collection that’s at the base of its endeavor to facilitate exploration of West Norway’s great outdoors while also giving guests a taste of the Norwegian way of living.

In this unmistakably Nordic hotel collection the newly enhanced Hotel Union Øye, which lies amid the mountains on Norangsfjord, is joined by the grass-roofed Storfjord Hotel overlooking Storfjord and the Sunnmore Alps, the more urban Hotel Brosundet taking over two historic buildings at the heart of Alesund and the three-bedroom Owner’s Cabin on the island of Giske.

Each property expresses Norwegian style in its own way, from the wood cabin aesthetic of Storfjord Hotel to the cosy warehouse conversions of Hotel Brosundet and Hotel Union Øye’s antique décor representing its past as a retreat for mountaineers and Norwegian royalty. At each hotel, the stay is enhanced with a Norwegian wellness offering and culinary experiences highlighting local dishes and ingredients.

Above all, 62°Nord sees each of its hotels as a platform for curating journeys in the surroundings. A stay at Hotel Brosundet is set apart by windswept sea safaris out to see remote cliff-sides nested with thousands of seabirds and puffins diving beneath the water’s surface. A stopover at the remote island restaurant Kami Skotholmen can be followed by a visit to the former textile factory turned retail and arts hub, also connected to 62°Nord, DevoldFabrikken.

A short drive from Alesund, Storfjord Hotel is then the base for hiking and cycling excursions through the fjords, valleys and mountains, driving an electric Porsche through this dramatic landscape and setting out on scenic fjord cruises. Locally inspired dinners are served by the fireplace of the cosy dining room followed by a nightcap on the panoramic terrace commanding views over the fjord, forest and valley.

A boat trip from Stranda to Hellesylt takes you up close to spectacular falls such as the Seven Sisters waterfall and an exhilarating cycle from Hellesylt through the famously scenic Norangsadlen valley then leads to Hotel Union Øye where you can swim in the nearby fjord or take a scenic helicopter flight.

The 1891-founded Hotel Union Øye reopened this June following a two-year renovation that also saw the expansion of this legendary property that’s long been at the heart of the area’s tight-knit community. At this remote fjord-side retreat, guests are given an immersion into the local area through design reflecting the hotel’s past, a culinary experience celebrating local produce and experiences ranging from nightly storytelling sessions to outdoor pursuits connecting you with the environment.

Each space throughout the hotel has been renovated in keeping with its original charm, with every detail from the fabrics to the curated book collection and artwork handpicked to represent its identity. Each individually designed suite takes its name from an esteemed past guest such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Three new suites—the King’s Suite, William Cecil Slingsby’s Suite and the Queen’s Suite—occupy an extension of the main building with details including open fireplaces and the Queen’s Suite’s Press for Champagne button setting each one apart.

Additional accommodation has then been added through the creation of the Cluster Farm encompassing five standalone guest houses with modern Norwegian interiors. The Conservatory has been added to the hotel’s main restaurant and The Palm Room now provides an all-day bar and lounge with views over the garden where herbs are picked for the bar’s creative cocktails. The new Wine Cellar provides a space for wine tastings while The Library and Game Room offer a place to unwind.

For 62°Nord, more hotels—yet to be announced—are now on the horizon while the experiences and existing properties continue to be enhanced for an even greater immersion into this spectacular pocket of the Norwegian landscape.

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