One Of Canada’s Best Restaurant’s Opens A Delicious Bakery

Award-winning restaurant and winery, Pearl Morissette, announced its new bakery and cafe, RPM Bakehouse, is officially open at 3839 Main Street in Jordan Station, Ontario. As part of Pearl Morissette Estate Winery and Restaurant Pearl Morissette – RPM Bakehouse shares the values of authenticity, curiosity, integrity and a core focus on execution.

At RPM Bakehouse grains are an obsession. The flours used are widely regarded as unique and noble ingredients and are at the base of much of what RPM Bakehouse produces. Through developing relationships with farmers and millers, RPM Bakehouse focuses on cherished techniques of slowly fermented sourdoughs and sweet and savoury pastries. The bakery will engage the community in understanding and celebrating heritage grains that are grown, milled and baked locally.

RPM Bakehouse is both a bakery and a cafe, a one-stop shop for a variety of foods-to-go, including baked goods, house-made juices, Pearl Morissette wines and coffee from Canadian roasters. The cafe offers an inviting atmosphere from morning through late afternoon where guests can enjoy a casual, sit-down meal prepared with ingredients, sourced from inspiring independent producers including the Pearl Morissette garden and regenerative farm, located nearby.

Guests can pick up baked goods, wines, seasonal produce and other grab-and-go items on Thursdays through Sundays. Additionally, guests can set up with a bite and a glass of Pearl Morissette wine on the cozy patio out front, equipped with a fire pit and space heaters, creating an intimate outdoor winter destination.

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery was co-founded in 2007 by François Morissette and Mel Pearl as a small winery with an uncompromising vision that values traditional approach to wine growing. Over the course of its short history, it has established a reputation in Canada and abroad for delivering premium quality wines rooted in a low-intervention philosophy. In 2017, the winery became home to Restaurant Pearl Morissette, which shares a holistic approach to regenerative practices and processes and dedication to world-class quality. RPM Bakehouse is the newest addition to the Pearl Morissette estate, built on the same founding principles of taking a pragmatic approach in seeking what nature has intended.

On top of the recent opening of RPM Bakehouse, this July is Pearl Morissette’s 15th anniversary, and to celebrate they’re launching four brand new wines. Pearl Morissette also just released their wine tastings and Garden Pearl Morissette tour bookings for this summer.

“One of our deepest joys at Pearl Morissette is sharing our wines with our customers, telling the stories behind each of these bottles and welcoming you into our world on a face-to face, glass-to-glass basis. It is in this spirit we would like to invite you to an intimate and exclusive hour-long talk and tasting, walking everyone through the wines while discussing our approach of embracing each vintage and the principle of our viticulture and viniculture. Every wine begins with farming. Viticulture is agriculture. Diversity is paramount. For the past few years we’ve been working on building out gardens on our property with the goal of not only enriching our natural environment, but connecting to nature in more ways than one…

In this tour you will discover and learn about this important aspect of our estate, while visiting our annual vegetable and flower garden and our whimsical perennial and herb plot, rich in culinary curiosities and indigenous beauties. Navigating through the high grasses and wild flowers, by the bees, the chickens and the ducks, this experience is a window into the world of our gardeners and farmers and the bounty of our region. Tastings are held indoors with ample space.” More information is available on the website.

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