Roxanne First And TBalance Launch The Best Collab Collection For Summer 2022

Just in time for your summer vacations, London’s favorite accessories labels Roxanne First and TBalance Crystals have teamed up to launch the best collab collection on June 30. Appropriately named Good Vibrations, the new collection consists of 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets and 1 anklet incorporating Roxanne First’s love for all shades of the rainbow as well as TBalance’s crystal ethos of nurturing and healing.

It feels natural for the two brands, both with female founders sharing a passion for good vibes, to come together and deliver the delicious new capsule line of fun pieces featuring delicate TBalance crystals in lollipop shades and Roxanne First’s signature motos and smileys.

I knew Tori (Boughey) was magic as soon as I met her.” The eponymous founder and designer of Roxanne First says of the collaboration: “From the beginning to the creation of our 6 piece collection, it has been pure joy to work on this collaboration. I’ve been a fan of TBalance Crystals for a while and I feel this collection is a brilliant balance of our ‘RF Vibes’ — a nod to a few of our bestsellers — and Tori’s super pieces. I really hope everyone loves what we have created — good vibrations, always.”

The pieces, each hand strung in the TBalance Crystal workshop, will run for a limited time period only — from June 30 to end of the day on Thursday July 7 — and are set to sell out quickly. A personal favorite, the “All About Good Times” necklace is made up of a variety of crystals offering combined healing elements including cleansing, calming, courage and more.

It would seem the collaboration was just meant to be in every single way — Tori Boughey, founder of TBalance Crystals, says: “Rocky (Roxanne First) has a captivating and unique energy and it felt so right for us to collaborate. However, as I often do when I’m looking for guidance — I asked the universe to show me a rainbow if there were good vibrations around us working together… I didn’t stop seeing rainbows; from wrapping paper to t-shirts and IRL! This collaboration has brought us so much happiness and we are so happy to share these pieces with our customers.”

The Good Vibrations capsule collection is now available to order at as well as The limited collection will be available till end of the day on Thursday July 7.

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