Royal Earth, The Harmonist’s Newest Parfum Has Maternal Nostalgia

The Harmonist has unveiled a new fragrance, Royal Earth. It’s one unlike anything else the House has produced. There’s something about it that exudes familiarity and comfort, and this something was very purposeful from founder Lola Tillyaeva (Till).

If you know The Harmonist then you know that there are parfums in the Yin Collection, and parfums in the Yang Collection of the brand. Royal Earth sits in the Yin family and captures the complexities of the earth element. And if you really know The Harmonist, you know that all fragrances are based on the five elements: water, wood, earth, fire, and metal. Royal Earth draws upon the strength of earth. It was imaged by Till and created by perfumer Guillaume Flavigny, to have an enduring pull, the way earth pulls. It pulls you in and you don’t even realize why, but you can’t get enough.

The way earth is solid rock and soft soil, the way it nurtures and nourishes, reminding ourselves that we must take care of her (earth) and ourselves, while as the House notes, “remain diligent through times of change,” is the message of Royal Earth.

“Royal Earth Parfum celebrates the Yin Earth energy, a nurturing, caring and stable element represented by the fertile earth in the ancient Feng Shui philosophy. The energies of this element resonate in me through the childhood memories of my mother’s perfumes,” says Till. It’s this factor that the founder has stressed- memories of her mother’s perfumes that draws you in. Because as you spray it on and ten to twenty minutes have passed, and the fragrance has a moment to infuse onto the skin, you realized there’s something nostalgic to your own mother or grandmother. The powder elements to the fragrance will remind anyone of the maternal beings in their lives.

Continuing Till states, “the elegance and mystery of 1980s French perfumes are my Madeleine de Proust. So, I wished to capture this deep-rooted comfort in Royal Earth Parfum, while at the same time uncovering new depths. To achieve this, I challenged my talented friend, Nose Guillaume Flavigny to represent earth’s bounty from field to forest, and to incorporate a touch of the exotic with the scent of Ylang Ylang, my favorite flower.”

It took three years to get Royal Earth just right with hundreds of tries. The notes are purposed very strategically says Till. “I wanted to achieve an elegant and comforting fragrance, coming to life with a floral heart of Tuscan Iris pallida, also known as the blue gold of perfumery. This powdery scent, which is derived from the plant’s rhizome, is intensified by the gourmand notes of Egyptian rose and vanilla to create an alluring accord. Angelica seeds, carrot seeds and white musk evoke the fertile earth, while Ylang Ylang and passion fruit add exotic enigma.”

“Lola’s memories and ideas evoke an all-encompassing moment—gourmand, elegant, enigmatic, addictive. There was only one way I could achieve this: to ignore convention and create a parfum where all the ingredients are noticeable at once—a truly harmonious fragrance,” says Flavigny. “We forewent all conventions to transcend the elegance and mystery of 1980s French perfumes with a novel, modern expression,” muses Till.

“I believe that scents have a powerful effect on our emotions, and they are intertwined with our moods and memories,” she continues. “Finding your own harmony can be achieved through scent with our fragrances, as Guillaume selected premium natural ingredients to bring to life the energies of the five elements. Royal Earth is truly special to me as it combines the stable and nurturing energy of the Earth and my childhood memories.”

Royal Earth can be purchased in the 1.7 oz bottle on the for $250, or at the flagship store on Avenue George X- and in the US at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and other luxury retailers.

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