Sarah Ellison And Pantone Collaborate To Create The Color Piccolo

Australian designer, Sarah Ellison, is proving the cult of color trending in fashion is not excluded from the design world. As fashion house Valentino set the runway awash in a custom shade of pink this season to great excitement, Ellison collaborated exclusively with Pantone in the creation of a rich shade of chocolate brown called Piccolo.

This sofa is a prime example of Ellison’s aesthetic sensibility, a design point of view which lives at the intersection of design and fashion. What were once two worlds that were mutually exclusive, the designer melds them in her work as part of the understanding that consumers are keen to create and curate their homes in the same way with which they curate their wardrobes.

If sumptuous was an emotion it would be this new shade of chocolate, which Ellison used to cover her FLOAT sofa for a near-decadent seating experience. Available for pre-order at Design Within Reach, the color was named with the Pantone Institute as a nod to the deep warmth of the Italian espresso drink of same name, Piccolo.

“In the current design era we are seeing a rise of warm minimalism after a period of particular darkness and upheaval. We are all craving a little happiness in our homes. When I design a product, I believe it can and should make you happy,” says Ellison. “It was during the process of choosing a color with Pantone that we pondered: could the right color be a dopamine driver when applied to design? Is color in fact the dopamine of design?”

The velvet material of the FLOAT sofa arouses the sensory system as the material’s softness and texture complement the experience of relaxation delivered through the 70s-inspired, rounded form for seating which is at once both lush and relaxing. The overall effects are of something that is contemporary yet familiar, and approachable yet glamourous.

In business since 2017, minimalism is the cornerstone of the Sarah Ellison brand. This understated lens towards refined interiors has led her designs to go viral–she is behind Instagram’s most famous and highly-coveted YOKO Bed–due to Ellison’s ability to provide a novel product at a quick turnaround and accessible price point. It’s a recipe which has earned the brand fans with boldfaced names such as Martha Hunt, Helena Christiansen, Aurora James, and Jenna Lyons.

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