Sleeping With Jacques’ AW22 Collection Paints A Picture Of Contrasting Richness

Founded by Jacques Hoang with a goal to create the most luxurious pyjamas for women to feel good and look good in, Sleeping with Jacques has evolved over the seasons to become more than just synonymous to plush nightwear. DUALITY, Sleeping with Jacques’ new AW22 collection, offers a spoiling, sultry and sensual new take on the brand’s signature sleepwear silhouettes.

Inspired by the philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus, the Hellenistic figure who blends the Greek god Hermes and Egyptian god Thoth, the new collection explores darkness and light, stillness and movement, dreams and reality, with contrasting yet complementary colors (think ultra rich red against the deepest black), textures and materials (think delicate lace upon fluid velvet).

I speak to Hoang, who also acts as the brand’s Creative Director, about the new season, her take on female empowerment, and what’s next for Sleeping with Jacques.

What a stunning yet daring collection! What’s the concept of duality/inspiration behind the new FW22 looks?

I really love this collection as I feel like it embodies the essence of Sleeping with Jacques which is sensual and feminine whilst having a modern and powerful feel. This play on themes is why I named the collection DUALITY.

Departing from colorful patterns we’ve seen with the last season, the palette of the new pieces is a lot simpler and cleaner — is there a specific reason for that?

The SS22 collection titled PLAY was an adventure outside of what Sleeping with Jacques is. It was a special edition collection where I painted what created the season’s print during a new moon manifestation. It was experimenting with bright colors and prints and the healing properties that come with bright colors during a time where the world felt bleak in lockdown. Sleeping with Jacques’ core philosophy behind our design process is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, a quote by Leonardo da Vinci. PLAY was a fun chapter for Sleeping with Jacques while DUALITY for FW22 is the signature story of Sleeping with Jacques.

In typical SWJ fashion, many pieces dance between lingerie and something one can wear to a party. Was that the intention?

Absolutely! I really carve out time for my rest to reset. My nighttime ritual of self care allows me to indulge myself. By slipping into something sensual I feel good and I don’t want that feeling to stop there. I want that feeling to emanate into my days where it feels seamless. Where I can transition my night time pieces into the day so I can always feel good and effortless anytime anywhere.

What’s the message you’d like to get across with the new collection?

The DUALITY collection embodies our multifaceted sides. It takes some of SWJ key element features like the laces and low backs with added bold statements of metal hardware and revealing more sexual appeal. DUALITY is daring and bold which I love to encourage for women; to stand in this innate power that we all possess. It’s fun and I want to be on that journey with women to explore themselves more and take risks into what brings them pleasure and joy.

Favorite design from theFW22 collection?

I absolutely love the Francine dress and the Bon Jacques bondage top. It’s so sexy and so fun to wear!

What’s next for SWJ as a brand and you as a designer/founder?

Expanding the world of Sleeping with Jacques into the world of Sexology with my best friend Chantelle Otten who’s a renowned sexologist and gets really intimate with our customers! Stay tuned!

Sleeping with Jacques’ AW22 collection is now available on as well as Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, FarFetch and many other luxury stockists.

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