Style-Forward Sustainable Sneakers Of 2022

The first wave of sustainable sneakers in the early 2000s left much to be desired in terms of style and product design. Even then, pioneers of this now-growing category are celebrated as trailblazers that inspired a new crop of responsible brands. They also sparked a revolution in design that upholds planet, community, and fair trade as key pillars of the creative process. Through their game changing work, emerging sneaker labels have come up with fresh ideas meant to reshape the street style game.

In recent years, Veja has enjoyed top-of-mind, cult-favorite status. The French brand is immediately identified as one of the most style-forward sustainable sneaker brands out in the market today. In sartorial shorthand, a pair of the V-10s or Esplars translates to evolved, modern, responsible fashion enthusiast. Classic, versatile design punctuated by a distinct V logo on the sides, lends wearers je ne sais quo elegance. It has also helped that celebrities like Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, and Emily Ratajkowski have been practically living their their Veja’s

Apart from the much-talked about top performing label, these innovative, emerging labels from all around the world, are helping to amplify the conversation on design as a sustainable solution and way of life. Tried, tested, and vetted, these top three brands are shaping the way we shift towards responsible fashion consumption—one step at a time.

LAKAT: From The Fields To The Streets of Style

LAKAT is the first 100% Philippine-made sustainable sneaker brand. It launched in 2021 after years of research and product development. The start-up company works with local farmers to source otherwise discarded leaves. Founders Michael and Banj Claparols say, “This contributes to the income of our pineapple farmers who typically discard the leaves and sell only the fruit.” Raw materials are extracted using solar power. They are then passed on to weavers of Kabankalan, Negros to create sustainable pineapple cotton fabrics that are then cut as uppers. Rubbers used for every LAKAT Sustainable Sneaker are ethically sourced from a local farm in Mindanao. Filipino shoe makers bring these innovative materials together to create a truly sustainable sneaker.

In Manila and other parts of the country, LAKAT is the choice sneaker of designers, artists, editors, and prime movers of the creative industry. The brand has been touted as “sneakers for the cool kids.” New releases of distinctive pantones have also inspired patrons of the brand to build their own collection of Lakat Sneakers in all colors.

CARIUMA: Crazy Comfy and Cool

CARIUMA is the most comfortable, lightweight and versatile pair of shoes in my wardrobe. The brand, founded by former corporate executives Fernando Porto and David Python, sought to enhance existing product offerings under the sustainable fashion category. In an email, their team writes: “Even with all of the progress that had been made in regard to sustainability and comfort, the old-school brands that they’d previously worked for were, alternately, delivering low-quality, low-comfort sneakers that still dominated the market in an unsustainable way.”

The Best for the World™ B-Corp Certified conscious brand works only with ethical factories. They go through lengths to find the best natural and recycled materials in crafting high-quality, premium kicks. For the team, designs are in constant evolution. This mindset has expanded the product range. It has paved the way for conscious footwear that delivers on function, form, quality. The classic Ibi sneaker is a light-as-air pair made using bamboo knit. Vallely’’s contrast details ring in retro sport sensibilities while utilizing sturdy vegan suede. The brand has also partnered with iconic labels from Atari to Gerry Lopez, Pantone and even National Graphic to add a new layer to the sartoria skatel world’s experience of sustainable fashion. For every pair of Cariuma sneakers sold, a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest is planted.

LOCI: A Step Further In Sustainable Style

LOCI is a study in how sustainability can elevate design. The premium vegan brand for Portugal is committed to innovating the sustainable fashion space. Recycled ocean plastic from the Mediterranean and African coast are used for uppers. Bamboo and recycled nylon make up the LOCI’s breathable, premium lining. This is further supported by natural cork on the insoles and midsoles, which ensure ultimate comfort and cushioning. The LOCI team adds, “Even the eyelets in our sneakers are sustainable. We use recycled brass, which can be reused many times over without diminishing the composition.”

Variety and visual impact are strong suits of LOCI. There are currently five styles that come in different color combinations. I love how the brand engages the creative community in their mission to make sustainable fashion a staple. Among those they’ve partnered with to create collection-worthy sneakers are Temperly, Reed, Laurie Sophie Cox and Blue Marine.

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