Tamara Mellon Tells Us About Her A/W22 Collection

Tamara Mellon is known for her sexy, bold collections and for her fall campaign, she’s enlisted a supermodel to match—Helena Christensen.

“I first met Helena working on a British Vogue shoot in Venice in the ‘90s, very early in my career in fashion. I have always admired Helena’s work and outstanding personal achievements — for me, her elegance and unique sense of style make her the quintessential Tamara Mellon woman, which made her a natural fit for our F/W’22 campaign.” Tamara Mellon, Founder

Of course, the brand’s signature traits of sex appeal and a punk attitude (after all, she is a Londoner) are seen in this celestial-inspired fall line. Expect high-gloss leather, metallic suede and crystal-encrusted heels in the classic colorways, along with deep blue and purple, as inspired by the beauty of the night sky. Tamara tells us more about her starry collection.

Whenever I start to think about the following collection, inspiration points and references come from a myriad of places – I love nothing more than to lose myself in books on art and photography, to take in architecture; music has also always been a big part of my life, but the starting point could also be a person, a feeling, or intuition about a trend, or a style I think our customer will love. As these reference points start to come together, an overall sense of a mood, a color palette and style direction takes form, and the collection begins to reveal itself.

Astral skies

For this fall collection, I was drawn to images of starry skies, the depth of colors — these incredible hues of deep blues, purples, pinks, and greens, the glitter and shine of stars and how incredibly complex the sky is, was so fascinating to me.


Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez’s paintings and geometric shapes in blues and greens, inspired me for this line; it has a holographic quality, which can be seen in our Halo pump.

New icon

Another starting point was an image of photographer Gray Sorrenti at a MET Gala after-party. She was wearing a bodysuit under a tailored jacket – her long, almost waist-length hair draped around her shoulders and a sexy black court completing the look. Her attitude and style struck me as a softer, modern take on rock and roll, imbued with a little punk attitude, which I have always been drawn to.

Soft gothic

When I see the overall collection – the bright high shine of the Trinity Boot in the turquoise and cherry red pantones, the Mackie boot, a carry-over, but done in with a metallic blue mesh and crystals – a nod to the starry skies, I was so drawn too. The mock lizard high-shine leather sandals offer a futuristic, soft gothic sensibility to our fall range. I think of our customer; she is always glamorous, and we love to celebrate that, but she also has a little streak of punk to her too, which I have always kept close to my heart as a Londoner.

An icon of a different kind

Cartier’s iconic Panther Claws Onyx Ring also encapsulated something and inspired the Lynx pump style.

See the full line on tamaramellon.com.

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