The Best Lightweight Boots For The Whole Family

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter whether winter means rain or snow for your climate — either way, you need good boots to keep your feet warm and dry through the wet season. And, while there are a ton of functional boots out there to choose between, not all winter boots are made for easy movement. Most winter boots are clunky in order to provide solid weatherproofing. In fact, a minimalist winter boot may sound counterintuitive but thanks to advancements in technology, there are winter boots out there that can stand up to cold wet weather while still providing flexible soles. Here are some of the best lightweight winter boots to keep feet warm and dry for everyone in the family. Best of all, many of these boots wear more like sneakers for easy movement.

Alpine Women’s Snow Boot by Xero Shoes, $159.99

Xero Shoes makes minimalist snow boots for both men and women that feel more like sneakers in terms of flexibility than a typical boot. These Alpine Women’s Snow Boots by Xero Shoes are phenomenally lightweight yet still warm thanks to their heat-reflective insole and 200g of insulation. They also provide surprisingly good traction while keeping feet close to the ground for natural movement. Available in six colorways, there’s a style for every taste — and, they’re also available for men with different styling and sizing. A word to the wise, sizing up a half size might be smart on these if you plan to pair them with thick warm winter socks.

Gracie Minimalist Rain Boot by Xero Shoes, $79.99

No snow? No problem. Xero Shoes also makes ultra lightweight rain boots. These Gracie Minimalist Rain Boots come in four colors and are great for dealing with puddles in the garden or wearing out and about on a rainy day. Unlike many other rain boots, they’re designed for comfort with a zero drop heel and a flexible sole to promote easy movement and balance for all-day wear.

Silva Boots by Beckett Simonon, $279

Finding the right pair of boots that can be worn casually or dressed up in rainy weather can be tricky — especially if you also want a pair that’s lightweight and sustainably made. These Silva Boots by Beckett Simonon are the best of all worlds when it comes to rain boots you can wear to the office and everywhere else. Made with water-repellent leather and a lightweight high-density EVA sole for durability and comfort, these boots won’t weigh you down. In fact, they’ll wear more like sneakers than rain boots with surprisingly good shock absorption and flexibility. And, unlike many other boots out there, they’re ethically and sustainably handcrafted one pair at a time. While this means you’ll have to wait longer to receive them — expect about a 3 month turnaround — you’ll take pride knowing they were made by artisans who are respected.

Tracker Forest Esc Mens by Vivobarefoot, $280

These Tracker Forest Esc Mens Hiking Boots by Vivobarefoot are minimalist hiking boots stylish enough to double for city wear. Made with naturally treated leather, the boots are weather resistant yet breathable for those days when it’s wet out. They provide enough warmth for a rainy climate while still allowing for enough air flow to hike during the warmer season as well. Featuring a thin sole for flexibility and easy movement, these minimalist boots have the tread to hike through anything while also providing the stability of a barefoot shoe. Both durable and stylish, they’re truly versatile.

Lumi X Artic Angels by Vivobarefoot, $110

Vivobarefoot is known for making minimalist shoes, but what you might not realize is that the company also specializes in minimalist boots for everyone in the family. These Lumi X Artic Angels Kids by Vivobarefoot are among the company’s newest additions to minimalist boots and are avaialable in sizes for toddlers all the way up to big kids. Made from sustainable recycled materials, the boots feature a wide, foot-shape, thin sole that’s grippy and perfect for stable outdoor play in the elements. They’re also fully waterproof and warm enough for the snow — making them the ideal boot for kids in winter. The boots were launched to honor the partnership of Vivobarefoot with Global Choices’ Arctic Angels, a youth group fighting to protect the planet’s ice caps.

Kids High Top Winter Shoes by Reima, $84.95

For winter boots that wear like sneakers, these Kids High Top Winter Shoes by Reima will do the trick. Available in three colorways, these waterproof shoes will keep feet warm and dry while providing the minimalism kids demand for outdoor play. With sealed seams and fleece lining, no one will complain about cold or wet feet.

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