The Emerald Green Elegance Of The Skt Petri Hotel In Copenhagen

From the outside you wouldn’t be able to tell that the stylish character of the Hotel Skt Petri in Copenhagen, Denmark is all that and more. Housed in a modern building, you might think from the outside that it’s a hostel but as you enter the revolving doors, you notice the starkly grand interiors from the exterior, and realize you’re in some place special.

Once a department store, you realize that fashion has always been a part of the soul of the building, which continues with the hotel’s stylish interiors. Skt Petri is operated by SH Hotels and Resorts, the same management as Baccarat Hotels, 1 Hotels, and Treehouse Hotels.

The white patterned flooring with black designs catches the attention right away. As you ascend the escalator to the lobby with green glass on either side, the first thing you notice are the geometric shapes that flow with the tiled flooring and on the ceiling. The lobby is a large space that flows from the reception, to the seating area, and the over to the restaurant. Anemone Wille Våge, the Norwegian design house was able to break up the vast space, and create these 3 spaces to where they are their own.

The use of color also helps with these distinct spaces of black, emerald green, navy blue, and white- not to mention the plethora of plants scattered throughout the lobby and restaurant. Statues in the lobby give an ornate feeling yet a not so formal one with the modernity of the lobby. Somehow the dark color palette works in the day time, and in the evening time, it’s quaint and intimate with the hotel’s dim interior lighting.

One thing that makes a hotel stay delightful is the staff, and the staff at Skt Petri is warm, helpful, attentive, and hospitable. Even when there is a problem they are alert and taking notice.

As for the rooms they are cozy chic, and quiet with sound proof construction. There are 288 rooms, 42 of them come with balconies, as well as a Presidential Suite and Penthouse Suite. Some rooms have a light wood tone with light walls and light gray marble bathrooms. Other rooms have navy walls with dark and taupe fabric walls. The color palette used in the rooms works for the hotel, providing a relaxing environment for people to rest, work, relax, and enjoy picturesque views of Copenhagen during their stay.

Because the hotel is in the heart of Copenhagen, guests will want for nothing as everything you can possibly want surrounds the hotels like Christiansborg Palace, the Latin Quarter, Tivoli Gardens, the University of Copenhagen, and Old Town. There’s also plenty of shopping from luxury brands and more affordable ones.

When you’re not shopping or out and about, the hotel has two outdoor seating areas. The courtyard is surrounded by tables, chairs, and umbrellas- as well as fig trees. And, there is another area where oven pizza is made. The gym is on the lower level and also has a separate steam room and sauna. And in the mornings the lobby restaurant turns into a hot and cold buffet breakfast with natural and healthy juices and coffees/teas.

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