The Gabrielle Chanel Parfum Is Newly Unveiled

Chanel has created a fragrance that imbibes and represents the house’s founder Gabrielle Chanel

Created by Olivier Polge, Chanel’s In-House Perfumer Creator, who notes that the fragrance is like a floral jewel, distilling the essence of Grasse tuberose- Grasse is a city in the French Riviera. The tuberose was extracted in a meticulous process done by the house. Using vanilla extract and sandalwood, the floral elements, which is the heart of the brings a new element to the fragrance. “This parfum is the most precious interpretation of Gabrielle Chanel. A floral fragrance that can be worn like a jewel,” notes Polge.

The fragrance was reaffirmed with the notes of Gabrielle Chanel Essence fragrance. And these notes of strong jasmine, fruity ylang-ylang, sparkling orange blossom, and tuberose make for a powerful yet subtly strong. Tuberose is one of the most fragrant flowers, a perennial, and has been used in fragrances since the 17th century and in ancient Egypt. “Veering between sweet, sensual, and at times, almost creamy, it’s a floral you definitely recognize, and is one everyone in your path will certainly remember,” writes Marianne Mychaskiw in an InStyle article. The Egyptians used it for aromatherapy purposes. It’s a fragrant note so no wonder the house perfumers have included it.

The packaging is diverse. The square bottle with beveled edges offers a sleek design to highlight the fragrances solar interpretation that’s 1.2 fl.oz. for $345. There’s also a Twist and Spray bottle in 3 x 0.7 fl.oz for $121 that’s portable making it easy to put it in your purse or travel bag. There are three refillable tubes for $106.

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