The Jewelry Brand Creating Angel-Inspired Lucky Charms

More and more women today are mystical, superstitious, even witchy when it comes to what they wear. Is it symbolic? Does it have any kind of significance, beyond it’s design? It explains the rise of gemstones—and the meaning behind them—but also, how we decide to wear jewelry, overall.

One new fashion brand tapping into our love of symbolism, be it new age, emojis or timeless signatures, is West Angel. The New York brand has a peculiar ethos, to “break boundaries, push limits, and create new opportunities.” Their namesake west angel necklace shows a heart, crowned by angel wings. So at the heart of the brand is believing in what’s possible, and dreaming big.

Part of the symbolism they put on their jewelry is guardian angel-inspired symbolism, like an 11:11 necklace, which, according to some, means that “you’re on the right path,” according to one expert. One celebrity who famously loves the “11:11” symbolism is Paris Hilton, who often Tweets when it’s 11:11, telling followers to “make a wish.” This isn’t just a shallow gesture, however. She believes so much in 11:11 that she founded a content production company called 11:11 Media.

She was also married on November 11 (the eleventh month, on the eleventh day) as well. So as we can see, people take their numbers seriously, even if it isn’t numerology.

In fact, angel symbolism goes far beyond wearing a cherub around your neck, basically, and who can resist West Angel’s angel number necklace? Whatever lucky numbers you attribute meaning to—whether it’s “111” or “777”—the brand has a necklace for every number that means something special to you, be it a birthdate, a special date in your life, your age, or otherwise.

It isn’t just angel symbolism, however. Their cowgirl necklace is another favorite, showing a cute cowboy boot fit for a queen, while their cash money studs plays on the dollar symbol for earlobes. And their dog mom necklace is utterly adorable, as well.

The best part of West Angel are the custom orders—personally design your own custom-made necklace or anklet in two different fonts, Old English or Script font, with a name or phrase of your choosing. They offer the same service for their number rings, nameplate necklaces, letter necklaces, heart tags, and belly chains. Their flamed letter necklaces are also iconic, too.

Check out West Angel jewelry on Instagram.

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