The Ned Nomad Is Membership Collective Group’s Latest New York Venture — Expect More To Come Locally And Globally

What started as one Soho House location in 1995 has grown into Membership Collective Group, a vast network of membership clubs around the world of which The Ned Nomad is the latest New York City outpost. The Ned takes over the old The Nomad Hotel space and reimagines the property with its signature membership club touch. Like other properties in the Membership Collective Group portfolio, The Ned is a place to eat, drink, meet and enjoy members-only events. “If you’re a member of The Ned or Soho House I want to create a space for you to flourish socially and professionally,” says Membership Collective Group CEO Nick Jones. “I want you to be able to meet other people to make that happen.”

Haven’t been to The Ned yet? Here’s what you can expect. Plus, we find out more about upcoming locations for the global brand.

A Night at The Ned

Visiting the Ned can be as short as getting a coffee with a member or as lengthy as spending a night (or several) there in the hotel. There are 167 rooms, of which many of them are decked out with large bathtubs, signature Cowshed skincare products and offering NYC skyline views. The building dates back to 1903 when it opened as the Johnston Building, and today you can find Manhattan’s first Cecconi’s location on the first floor, the member space Little Ned and the elegant rooftop which features a private dining space in a cupola here.

If you find yourself at The Ned in the evening definitely explore the variety of spaces — start out with dinner at Cecconi’s (the lobster pasta and profiteroles for dessert are a must), follow the live music and definitely have a sip alfresco on the roof before the weather gets cold. The Ned is also home to a vast art collection with over 150 works by artists such as Kambui Olujimi, Marilyn Minter, and Issy Wood.

A membership at The Ned grants access to members-only bars and restaurants, as well events at the property. A Membership at The Ned costs $5,000 a year and existing members of Soho House can apply at a reduced rate of $2,500 a year. Room rates start at $875 a night. If you’re wondering how Soho House and The Ned are different, while there’s crossover between the two brands and their members, The Ned isn’t exclusively focused on the creative community like Soho House is. However, it still very much welcomes creativity in its members.

The next The Ned space is already slated to open in 2024 in the former Stock Exchange Building in the Financial District. Added bonus, this property will feature a rooftop pool, something many Membership Collective Group properties famously have around the world.

A Global Home Away From Home

By end of year Membership Collective Group will have 45 houses globally, giving members an opportunity to stay at a familiar property in an array of countries. Before the end of the year there will be location in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Mexico City and Bangkok. In a world where people are constantly traveling for work or leisure, people can find a familiar place to meet with likeminded people and share a Picante, their infamous spicy cocktail. An array of events from concerts to talks to restaurant pop-ups give members a continuous reason to visit the houses and an easy touchpoint to meet new people. “Members love the events we put because that’s not something you can get in a restaurant or bar,” says Jones.

From beach settings such as Roc House in Mykonos, to rustic locations like Soho Farmhouse, to of course many city center locations around the globe, Membership Collective Group has created a vibrant world of both physical and digital spaces for members to enjoy.

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