The New Magnolia Infinita From Acqua Di Parma Is Floral Heaven

and the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance line transports to the Italian coastal idyllic getaways

Today Italian fragrance brand Acqua di Parma, has launched a new fragrance, Magnolia Infinita that’s all things Magnolia, and part of their Signatures of the Sun collection. Upon first spritz, the strong aroma of the bowl-shaped flower is the first thing that’s noticed.

The Signatures of the Sun collection is infused with ingredients found all over the world. In this collection you have fragrances from Osmanthus, to Lily of the Valley, and Leather. Magnolia Infinita fits in because of its 210 – 340 flowering plant species. The flower is millions of years old, showing life before bees, therefore relying on beetles for pollination. The Magnolia is used for medicinal, fragrance, garden, and tea purposes. A flower that represents perseverance and endurance, it caught the attention of the House to create a fragrance solely dedicated to it.

“An opulent, thrilling flower, which tells a never-ending story. A sensation, the discovery of something extraordinary, a unique fragrance. It’s like encountering these flowers in a blooming colonnade, and letting yourself be surprised moment by moment with a new discovery,” states the house in notes.

The top notes include bergamot from Calabria, orange, and lemon. The base notes are filled with jasmine, rose, sambac, and ylang-ylang. And, the base notes are patchouli and musk. Coming in the Acqua di Parma Art Decò bottle, in 20mL, 100mL, and 180mL sizes, it, according to the House enhances the sunny and intense composition of the fragrance. Coming with a detachable dispenser for recycling, because brand strives to be as sustainable as possible. The black label in gold writing adds a regal touch. Made from FSC paper, it fits the international standards for being created in a responsible manner in forests around the world.

“An Eau de Parfum that is potent and joyful, from the surprising scent trail to the authentic expression of Italian style. The enticing discovery of a flower, which when enveloped in a prism of light, surprises with its magnetic appeal and its infinite beauty,” continues the House.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo

Capturing the radiant blues of the Italian Mediterranean, Acqua di Parma has been able to pull out coastal characteristics in the fragrances of the collection. Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, Mirto di Panarea, Bergamotto di Calabria, Mandorlo di Sicilia, Cipresso di Toscana, and Mirto di Panarea Forte (a special edition fragrance) make up the scents.

Fico di Amalfi in particular is citrusy but not citrusy, the woody notes give the scent a masculine touch- though women can wear it (Acqua di Parma fragrances are unisex.) The thesis of this scent is that it exudes light between waves, the sun, and the wind on the skin, while inviting those step into the embrace of the summer Italian Mediterranean.

Top notes include Italian lemon, Italian bergamot, and grapefruit. Heart notes are filled with fig nectar, pink pepper, and jasmine petals; while base notes include fig wood, cedarwood, and Benzoin. Housed in the iconic blue Acqua di Parma bottle, of Art Deco design, it gives the feel of sitting on the swaying Mediterranean.

Both Magnolia Infinita and Fico di Amalfi transport and take you places. Carefully crafted, they are Acqua di Parma at its finest.

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