The Top Ten Electric Vehicle Road Trips In Europe

As the aviation industry sees passenger caps at major airports, and many other operational issues contributing to customer dissatisfaction, it seems like alternative forms of travel are featuring as viable alternatives to flying.

Car rental company Hertz conducted its analysis to find out which European roads would be the most favorable for those with electric vehicles (EV). For its methodology the top ten road trips for electric vehicles is ranked by the number of charging points per mile — range and not being caught out somewhere being a significant issue for anyone driving EVs.

Topping the list of EV friendly routes is The Netherlands, home to an average of more than 14 chargers per mile. Even at the lower end of the list, routes across mountainous regions of the Alps and Catalonia are sufficiently equipped to cater for environmentally friendly road trips this summer and beyond.

Ranking: Road Trip — Chargers/mile

  • 1: Tour of the Netherlands — 14.62
  • 2: Northern Italy and the Lakes — 4.73
  • 3: Côte d’Azur — 4.06
  • 4: Emilia Romagna – Bologna — 3.55
  • 5: Chocolate and Castles – Belgium/Luxembourg — 3.23
  • 6: Rome and the Amalfi Coast — 2.68
  • 7: Bern To Lucerne — 1.47
  • 8: Valencia and the Costa Blanca — 0.73
  • =9: French Alps — 0.55
  • =9: Catalonia — 0.55

The Netherlands turns Orange to Green

The Dutch have historically been an environmentally conscious nation, and its vast electric charging infrastructure takes the top spot, with an average of 14.62 chargers per mile, putting it way ahead of second place.

Hertz’s suggested route starts in Amsterdam (be careful of all the pedestrians and cyclists!) before heading south towards the port city of Rotterdam via The Hague. The journey continues taking drivers to see the dikes of Zeeland and then further inland to Eindhoven before looping back towards Amsterdam via Utrecht.

La Dolce Vita

This Northern Italian road trip takes travellers to the best of Italy, through the cosmopolitan streets of Milan to the shores of Lake Como.

Passing through Turin, Milan and Monza, this trip has nearly five chargers per mile.

The French Riviera

Drivers travel from Cannes to Monaco, enjoying the most glamorous of France’s coastline. The route takes drivers along La Croisette in Cannes and then to Picasso’s Trail in Antibes.

Covering four cities over just 34 miles, this road trip is tightly-packed with places to see along the French Riviera. The built-up nature of the route also means EV drivers are never far from a charging station, with just over four chargers per mile. You may find you don’t even need one given the short nature of this trip.

The best of the rest

The remaining routes in this Top Ten include trips across Italy and France, Spain, Switzerland, and Benelux.

When it comes to the lower placed routes at the bottom of the list, drivers are still well catered for. These routes are fully equipped for range anxiety-free EV travel, with even the sparsest journeys providing a charger on average every two miles.

Find details of the routes can be found on Hertz’s website.

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