The Worst Behavior On A Plane, As Voted By British Travelers

There’s being a good passenger, and being a nuisance. We would all like to have a memorable holiday, including the flight, but hopefully not for the wrong reasons.

Online Travel Agency eShores polled their readers and customers in a competition, with the incentive of a free holiday for the best entry. While the order of the list may be up for debate, the winning entry does certainly take some beating.

Flashing the pilot and passengers

Getting to an airport for an early morning flight usually involves a sleepless night. For one drunken group they had gone straight from the nightclub to the plane. What fellow passengers perhaps would not have wished to happen was for the pilot to be distracted by the bachelorette party attendees flashing themselves.

Emma Day, the winning contestant further commented: “the poor flashed pilot was constantly on the speaker saying they had to calm down or there might be a diversion, or even arrests. It usually worked for a minute or two before it returned to chaos. The flight attendants did NOT do the usual second drink trolley round, that’s for sure!”

The Separated Group

It’s normal for larger groups to be split by a few seats and rows, but for most they would normally stay put for a few hours and not bother fellow passengers.

Being the rather unfortunate meat in the sandwich, Lisa Price found herself acting as a conduit for the separated parties. Recounting: “they kept asking me to pass things backwards and forwards throughout the flight. I offered several times to swap seats so they could sit together, but they were ‘happy’ with theirs, meaning I had to keep handing things between them the whole way there!”

The full list contains some usual suspects, and one would expect some greater courtesy from fellow travelers:

  1. Flashing the pilot and passengers
  2. People falling sleep on you
  3. Loud and inappropriate chatter
  4. Public Display of Affection
  5. Skin Eating
  6. Nose Picking
  7. Spitting
  8. Dangling hair over the seat behind
  9. Smelly feet
  10. Singing nursery rhymes all flight
  11. Drunken passengers
  12. Offensive odors

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