These Sustainable Menswear Brands Are More Size-Inclusive Than Most

Maybe it’s more sustainable to offer fewer sizes, but the reality is many eco-friendly menswear brands are limited in their size offerings. For men who wear sizes larger than XL (and the people who shop for them), this can be disappointing. After all, it isn’t just smaller-sized people who’d like to do better for the planet. And, while the need for size-inclusive offerings is a popular topic in women’s fashion, it gets less attention for men — and yet is still an obstacle for many menswear shoppers, especially those seeking eco-friendly and ethical options.

Thankfully, some brands are taking notice of the demand for larger sizes in the sustainable menswear market. The following are some of the best eco-friendly menswear brands that are also size-inclusive. Each of these companies goes to size 3XL 0r beyond. It’s worth noting there are more companies that go to 2XL, but even those are limited compared with the options that stop at XL.

Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft offers gender and size-inclusive denim that is manufactured sustainably. Whereas most brands require 1,500 gallons of water for the production of each pair of jeans, Warp + Weft manufactures its jeans with just 10 gallons of water per pair — and, recycles 98% of the water used. To top it all off, the company uses dry ozone technology instead of chemical bleach to treat its denim and is committed to ethical labor practices. The brand offers most denim in waist sizes up to 42 inches and one option up to 48 inches. For jackets, Warp + Weft has offerings up to 5X in men’s sizes.

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand is a marketplace for sustainable and ethical fashion that includes a variety of designers, some of which are size-inclusive. Brava Fabrics, for example, is a featured brand with sizes up to 3XL that uses certified organic cotton cut and sewn in Europe under ethical and sustainable conditions. Most of Brava’s production process takes place in Portugal in a family-owned factory and the organic cotton is grown in Turkey and Pakistan. While Brothers We Stand includes some brands with plus-size options, shoppers will have a harder time finding size-inclusive jeans on the site. The other pant options offer a wider range of sizes, with some brands going to 42 inch waists.


Patagonia is a familiar brand to many and one of the few sustainable options that goes past size XL with sizing up to 3XL and a waist size up to 44 inches. Patagonia is committed to the environment and uses many recycled and bio-friendly materials in the construction of its products. In addition to using certified organic cotton and traceable down stuffing, Patagonia also uses many recycled materials, including recycled wool, down, and cashmere, as well as material made from recycled fishing nets. On the human side, Patagonia’s clothing is manufactured under fair trade conditions with a commitment to social programs including the use of organic cotton from regenerative farms that support small farmers.

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