This Ecotourism Resort In Jamaica Now Offers Psilocybin Microdosing Retreats And Experiences: What A Time To Be Alive!

Jamaica is getting its own ecotourism and psilocybin microdosing resort and retreat center.

According to information procured exclusively ahead of an official announcement, the Cliffside, beachfront resort, dubbed Go Natural Jamaica, is operated by publicly traded psychedelics company Silo Wellness and located in Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica.

“We have been bombarded by cost-conscious client inquiries wanting to explore nature with the help of psilocybin,” explains Mike Arnold, the Oregon-based attorney who founded Silo Wellness.

He likes to call people who aren’t looking to experiment with psychedelics for recreational purposes at a club or party, but rather in a more natural setting, “psychedelic-curious.” As Arnold explains, these are “very intentional and mindful individuals looking to better understand themselves and their place in the universe. They aren’t looking for mental health therapy or a deep dive ego death. They are wanting to learn about psilocybin while learning about themselves. This is an unmet need in the psychedelic space, and Silo Wellness is well positioned to assist.”

To accomplish this, Silo will offer “serial microdosing” at its new retreat. “Our Silonauts often want to be at a rustic seaside resort looking at shooting stars on a gram of mushrooms,” exaplains Arnold. “Or they want to go for a snorkel on a 0.1-gram microdose. They crave an increased connection to nature.”

But this retreat isn’t necessarily for those looking for “imperceptible microdoses,” he adds. “Although clients are welcome to experience psychedelics for the first time in this way, Silo’s self-titrating psilocybin protocols allow people to work their way up dosing in a controlled way to experience the sub-psychedelic effects. We want people to be able to commune with nature at sub-psychedelic but perceptible doses.”

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Affordable Trips

While Silo has been operating “luxury” psychedelic retreats for a while, Arnold never intended for its product to be reserved for the very affluent.

“That wasn’t my vision,” he assures. “Our mission is to put psychedelic healing into the hands of those suffering as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Nonetheless, the luxury model was necessary during COVID and has been very good to us and for our clients. However, it is not available to everyone due to the price point, which is a shame and also contrary to our mission.”

Unlike its predecessor, Go Natural Jamaica will seek to offer a lower price point for retreats, albeit the accommodations will also be more “rustic.” Amenities like air conditioning will be optional and the hotel will also offer dorm rooms with bunk beds.

As Arnold explicates, his prime objective is to facilitate nature immersion as a way to drive human growth.

“Human consciousness is the most complicated and impressive thing to evolve out of nature – more complicated and inexplicable than a black hole. We see it as incumbent on individuals to explore consciousness while exploring nature to get that reset along with a new purpose-driven download to be the best version of themselves,” voices Arnold.

On top of everything the cliffside resort has to offer, Silo will also provide optional microdosing nature excursions. “Think of things like a waterfall swim, harvesting supper at a permaculture jungle farm, a bamboo raft river float, a Caribbean boat tour or island picnic,” Arnold ends.

The first retreat will take place during Labor Day weekend, September 3 to September 6. Lodging and meals start at $240/night for dorm lodging and go up to $499.99/night for single occupancy with a three-night minimum.

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