Unwrapping The Iberostar Selection Miraflores, Lima’s First Single-Use Plastic-Free Hotel

Amidst all of the worrying environmental crises that have arisen over the past few decades, one major issue becomes increasingly apparent each day—namely, the abundance of plastic waste littering our rivers, lakes, and oceans. There’s a massive array of factors that add to the issue, but the hospitality industry is undoubtedly a major contributor, with no shortage of plastic-wrapped slippers, toiletry kits, and travel-sized shampoos handed out to guests on a daily basis. There’s no quick solution to combat this pressing issue, but for hotels like the Iberostar Selection Miraflores, a complete cessation of further plastic waste is a crucial first step.

Officially opened in October 2021, this 18-floor property made history as the first hotel in Lima to be totally free of single-use plastic. Upon arrival, the changes are apparent—guests are immediately gifted a reusable water bottle with refilling stations scattered across the property, and all personal hygiene items are housed in glass containers rather than tiny single-use plastic tubes. Coffee pods—a major contributor to plastic waste—are entirely biodegradable, providing guests with some much-needed caffeine without fear of harming any sea life. And while ditching single-use plastic is certainly a costly approach, the Iberostar team feels that the benefits strongly outweigh any added financial burden.

“Sustainability is, from our point of view, a path of no return,” says Gabriel Martorell, Director of Sustainability in America for Iberostar Group. “Our commitment to responsible tourism and the protection of the oceans, the core of our Wave of Change movement, is present throughout the value chain. In addition, we have seen that the trend has evolved, and the client demands increasingly more sustainability, so it is important not only to give them this added value, but to make them perceive it from a global and joint vision.”

While this commitment to sustainability is certainly a noble cause, there’s far more to the Iberostar Selection Miraflores than simply their strong moral code. Perched atop the 18th floor, the open-air 27 Tapas has become a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike, providing visitors with complex cocktails paired with spectacular sunsets over the Pacific. Meanwhile, down at the lobby level, Ortega & Huamán offers guests an opportunity to dine on a wide range of Spanish favorites served alongside classic Peruvian fare like ceviche, lomo saltado, and causas.

The hotel itself is certainly worth visiting, but newcomers to Lima should be certain to save some room on the itinerary to explore some of the surrounding city as well—including the hotel’s very own home district. Known as Miraflores, this charming neighborhood is home to destinations like the picturesque Playa Makaha and cat-filled Parque Kennedy—both of which are within easy walking distance of the property. Beyond Miraflores, visitors can head to the charming Barranco district to sample fresh craft brews at Barranco Beer Company, or visit fascinating historic attractions like the Museo Larco, a world-class institution that’s home to more than 10,000 pre-Columbian artifacts.

Righting the countless wrongs that humanity has committed against our planet is certainly an uphill battle, but at this point, every act of mitigation counts. The nation of Peru is home to pristine beaches, vast expanses of desert, and swathes of tangled rainforest that support a truly immense array of native wildlife—and each creature is in dire need of protection from any added pollution in their local ecosystem. Though it may come at an added cost, one can only hope that more hotels across the globe embrace the plastic-free approach in hopes of protecting our beloved planet from further harm.

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