Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Best Wellness Gifts For Travelers

Help your partner keep up with their self-care routine anywhere they go with a travel-friendly wellness gift for Valentine’s Day. From wellness journals to fitness trackers and skincare tools, these thoughtful gifts give perpetual globetrotters the tools they need to feel their very best every moment of their trip. Plus, each one can easily slip into a carry-on bag—no need to check luggage or endure harsh rejections from TSA agents at the start of a getaway.

Show your sweetheart some love with these travel-friendly wellness gifts for Valentine’s Day.

WTHN Rose Quartz Eye Mask

Boost your traveling Valentine’s on-the-go self-care routine with this rose quartz eye mask from New York-based wellness hub WTHN. Made with dozens of pill-size rose quartz bricks, the mask promises to reduce puffiness and dark circles, soothe strained eyes, and ease sinus pressure, making it a must-have after a long-haul flight. It naturally stays cool to the touch, but travelers can pop it in the mini fridge in their hotel room to supercharge the pleasantly chilly sensation. $75 at

Fitbit Sense 2

Your Valentine can track everything from their steps and heart rate to their stress levels and sleeping habits with Sense 2 by Fitbit. A smartwatch and fitness tracker in one, this travel-friendly wellness device offers tons of data a traveler can use to manage their wellbeing on the road. Leave the charging cable at home—Sense 2’s battery lasts for a whopping six (or more!) days. Plus, it comes in three color combinations and attaches to different styles of bands, so it will match anything in your partner’s travel wardrobe. $299.95 at

Nushape Red Light Therapy Wrap Mini

The power of red light therapy can accompany a traveler wherever they go with this mini wrap from Nushape. This professional-grade device features light waves that can potentially reduce inflammation, ease pain, and soothe sore muscles—perfect for restoration after a long flight or day of sightseeing. The travel-friendly red light therapy wrap can be strapped around the knee, wrist, ankle, or elbow, or unrolled to provide targeted treatment anywhere on the body or face. $349 at

Bite Body Balm Solid Moisturizer

Bite, the brand best known for its toothpaste tablets, has debuted a new product that makes the perfect travel-friendly wellness gift for Valentine’s Day: solid moisturizer. Unlike liquid body lotions, this concentrated body balm comes in a solid form that won’t tick off the TSA. The formula is filled with vegan squalane, shea butter, rosehip oil, and hyaluronic acid to keep skin ultra hydrated and baby soft. The cool chrome container contains the equivalent of five 8-ounce bottles of lotion and can be refilled over and over again, keeping plastic out of the landfill. $32 at

Ieró Beauty Glow Like You Lip Duo

There’s a wellness secret tucked within every tube of Ieró Beauty’s lipsticks. Each of the lip comforters (as the brand likes to call them!) have been infused with crystals, like moonstone and black onyx, for a boost of “high-vibrational healing energy.” Regardless of their crystal magic, these lipsticks are lovable for a slew of other reasons, too. They go on smooth, include moisturizing ingredients, provide a flush of color that adjusts to your unique pucker, and add a subtle sparkle to make a travel day feel a little extra special. Each set includes two tubes in your choice of warm or cool Valentine’s Day-inspired hues. $54 at Wellness Workbook

Traveling makes it easy to slip out of our routines, but this wellness workbook can help your Valentine keep up with their self-care anywhere in the world. The packable workbook has more than 100 pages of exercises on goal setting, exploration, relaxation, self-reflection, finding balance, and more. At just 8 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, the workbook is a Valentine’s Day gift that can be taken on every adventure. $18 at

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier

Anyone who deals with parched skin after a flight will love unwrapping a wireless facial humidifier from Hey Dewy this Valentine’s Day. The portable, wireless humidifier uses ultrasonic wave technology to release a quiet, cool water vapor into the air, which can soothe dry skin and help relieve congestion. The wellness gift, which weighs less than half a pound, can continue misting for up to eight hours on a single charge. It also doubles as a spa-like nightlight you can use to illuminate dim areas of a hotel room. $59.95 at

Lolë Portable Percussion Massager

Help your traveling Valentine get a much-needed rubdown anywhere they go with this portable massager from sustainable fitness brand Lolë. The smartphone-sized wellness device is perfect for use after a cross-country flight, intense hike, or a day of urban exploration. It features four speed settings and four interchangeable heads to deliver a massage as personalized as a spa treatment. $95 at

Métange Duality Stone

This luxe therapeutic tool from Métange comes travel-ready with a tin container and soft pouch. Made from smooth black obsidian, the duality stone can be used to perform both gua sha and combing therapy, giving travelers multiple paths toward self-care. Use the comb side in gentle circular motions on the scalp to relieve tension, and the flat edge in long, downward strokes on the body for a stimulating massage. Pro tip: Apply body oil first to help the stone glide across your limbs. $89 at

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