Vegan Dining Guide: Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss In Columbia, South Carolina

When you visit Columbia, South Carolina, you may expect a lot of fun experiences, but you might not expect to find a thriving vegan dining scene. However, Columbia is one of the most welcoming places to find a wide variety of flavorful vegan meals. Whether you enjoy a plant-based meal occasionally or live a completely vegan lifestyle, these restaurants in Columbia are worth a visit.

A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen

With its delectable food and unforgettable name, A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen serves the Columbia community in multiple ways. It serves up delicious, healthy vegan food every day, including fun, comfort dishes like vegan BBQ “chicken” and candied yams. It offers a three-day meal prep service and holiday catering. You can even book their food truck for a special event.

Good Life Café

“To us, living the good life signifies making healthy food choices.” That’s how the Good Life Café presents itself, and it lives up to its name. Most of their dishes are made fresh and in-house, and they’re nutrient-rich as well as tasty. Some of the Good Life Café’s most popular dishes are the sweet potato burger, the basil pesto pasta, the buffalo cauliflower quesadilla, and salad bowls.

Transmission Arcade

As both an arcade and a restaurant with a vegan-friendly menu, Transmission Arcade is every bit as fun as it seems like it would be. There’s always something vegan on the dynamic menu, and games include everything from themed pinball machines to classic arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man.

The Reizod Vegan Experience

The Reizod Vegan Experience is dedicated to providing customers with delicious plant-based meals. Their menu changes often, but some scrumptious meals they’ve served include vegan cheeseburgers, chickpea masala, and three-layer lasagna.

Tasty As Fit

As a vegan-friendly, grab-and-go eatery, Tasty As Fit serves up the type of fare implied by its fun name. Smoothies and salads are especially popular here. It also serves convenient and tasty wraps and vegan chili, but keep in mind that the menu is seasonal. Desserts include no-bake turtle brownies and chia seed pudding.

Curiosity Coffee Bar

With a dedicated vegan menu, Curiosity Coffee Bar serves bagels from the Bronx, a vegan sausage sandwich, vegan mushroom melts, vegan quesadillas, and several other creative, plant-based dishes. It also serves all-day breakfast so, if you want to have a bagel for dinner, you’ll be welcome to do so.


Mimsy’s is another restaurant in Columbia that has a vast vegan menu. In fact, there are so many mouthwatering dishes on the menu that you’ll probably want to plan to dine here at least twice during your visit to Columbia. Vegan chicken strips are served in creative ways. You can enjoy the homemade black bean burger with waffle fries, sweet potato fries, or sautéed vegetables. Tofu stir fries, vegan sampler plates, and even vegan slaw dogs are served here, too.

Publico Kitchen & Tap

Publico Kitchen & Tap is another popular Columbia restaurant with a large, dedicated vegan menu. They even make the dishes from the vegan menu in a separate area of the facility with products and equipment to minimize the risk of cross contamination with animal byproducts. The taco restaurant offers two types of vegan tacos. You can get vegan Beyond “meat” as the protein base on a taco or choose marinated ash fried tofu. There are also vegan burgers and amazing starters like gochugaru cauliflower bites.

Arabesque on Devine

Although it’s not a vegan restaurant, Arabesque on Devine, a popular dining destination for Lebanese cuisine, has a few stand-out vegan dishes on the menu. The vegan falafel plate and vegan mujadara dish are crowd pleasers, and there is also an option for a vegan meal from the grill.

Duke’s Pad Thai

Duke’s Pad Thai, a street food and noodle bar restaurant, is a casual eatery in Columbia that has an irresistible vegan menu. Flavorful, plant-based stir fries and curries dominate the vegan menu, and there are also several delectable noodle and rice dishes. Side dishes like vegan spring rolls and fried organic tofu nuggets shouldn’t be missed.

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