Wellness Trends To Look Out For In 2023

A new year will be here in no time, which inevitably means the start of new wellness routines. There’s a lot of noise out there, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that drastic fad diets and negative self-talk are out and more holistic, nourishing routines are in.

Wellness experts & co-founders of the buzzy, Eva Longoria-approved trampoline method the ness have put together their predictions for what wellness trends will make major waves in 2023 – the below!

Colette Dong, Founder & CEO, the ness:

The AARP special: “While those in the wellness community have touted the benefits of an early dinner for years, the 5pm dinner has been reserved exclusively for retired folks up until now. We are already seeing a shift to earlier dinner reservations across the hospitality industry and with the additional information people can get from wearables, people are more informed of the effects a late dinner has on their sleep, readiness and recovery. Expect to be seeing a lot of wellness gurus eating early with plenty of time to digest and set themselves up for a successful sleep routine.”

Low-intensity workouts: “Walking really took center stage during the pandemic when gyms and classes were shut down. People finally realized they can move their bodies and feel good without putting themselves through torture. Expect to see forms of lower intensity movement continue to center the conversation with long walks, mat work, pilates and mobility exercises working their way into fitness routines.”

Social abundance and alternative ways to release: “I think you’re going to be finding a lot of people embracing their year of yes. After limiting interactions for several years and perhaps putting dreams and plans on hold, we are going to see a big swing in the other direction with many people searching for more social interactions, new friends and experiences. Good times are on the horizon, but I think alternative ways to release energy and stay healthy are going to play a major role in this. Things like micro dosing mushrooms, drinking natural wines + alternative beverages and engaging in safe and empowered sex (with partners or alone) are going to be top of converstaion. Ways to safely seek a high without a hangover are going to continue to be explored.”

Separate but together: “We are going to see a lot of people returning to in person workouts for the community and motivation. While workout from home is here to stay and undeniably more time efficient, I think a lot of platforms are going to integrate live or dual camera functionality to further add community to otherwise lonely and self motivating digital platforms”

Aly Giampolo, Founder and Method Director, the ness:

The Home Facial: “It’s no secret that home skincare routines have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and that the urge to preserve eternally youthful skin is still alive and well. Expect this trend to continue to grow as we see companies like FaceGym continuing to offer online classes and innovative products like droplette (a misting micro-infuser device that claims to deliver serums deeper into the skin than traditional skincare routines) entering the market, allowing consumers to take their beauty regimen into their own hands and have access to spa quality equipment and treatments for a fraction of the price.”

Do Not Disturb: Though the benefits of taking time away from your phone have been preached for years, people are starting to realize that disconnecting from technology in a more consistent way is not only therapeutic, it’s attainable. Simple practices like putting phones in do not disturb mode, muting social media notifications, and reverting back to regular alarm clocks so phones can be tucked away at night are becoming increasingly popular, and people are finding they can enjoy life outside their phones more holistically and set healthier communication boundaries.

Movement Snacks: There’s been a slow, but steady shift in the way that we think about how fitness integrates into our lives. More and more studies are finding that breaking up your exercise regimen into smaller movement snacks throughout the day is not only perfectly healthy, it can be more beneficial than forcing yourself to do one longer workout. I believe that movement snacks are the key to shifting our general mindset around fitness, letting us find enjoyment and strength without the pressure of carving out a large amount of time. It also lets you take advantage of the endorphin rush that movement gives you, multiple times a day.

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